• No student may sign a contract on behalf of his/her organization; ONLY the Dean of Campus Life & Student Affairs and Student Activities professional staff members can enter into a contract. Please allow 30 days for the contract approval process.
  • All speakers, performers, lecturers, etc. must have a contract.  Regardless if they have one of their own contracts, a Drew University Standard Contract must be used.
  • All contracts must be signed by the Office of Student Activities and the performer before the date of the performance. Performers coming to campus without a signed contract will be asked to leave.
  • Submit completed and approved contract with a Purchasing Request Form at least 3 weeks prior to performance/service. Please inform vendors/performers etc. that checks will be dispersed in Net 30 days
  • Checks will be mailed to the recipient, checks cannot be picked up.  Performance checks will be mailed two weeks after the event has occurred, pending all proper paperwork has been received.
  • Inform B&A Comptroller/TSA Treasurer/Dean of Campus Life/Student Activities staff of any breach of contract immediately!

Words of Wisdom: It is the responsibility of the organization to keep a copy of the signed contract.