The goal of Drew University’s Improv Players is
to create an environment that cultivates creativity, freedom of
self-expression and a bridge to connect people from different walks of
life. We strive to provide a judgment-free space where students can be
bold, innovative, funny and utterly themselves. Ultimately we want to
teach students to fearlessly and generously give of themselves to both
peers and audiences.

To achieve this we play and workshop improvisational and theater games
that both encourage creativity and spontaneity, while also providing
constructive criticism and fine-tuning the skills and instincts of the
students. This creates a dialogue and an environment where students
are unafraid to take risks.

Advisor: Dan LaPenta


  • President: Mimi Leiter
  • Vice President: Shafer Ward
  • Treasurer: Anthony Rossi
  • Secretary: Philipe Abiyouness