The longevity and strength of a forest can be measured by counting the consecutive rings of its member trees, a process known as dendrochronology. Drew’s forest is no exception; here the rings are the dedicated alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the University who sustain its growth year after year. The Dendros Society recognizes consecutive giving by Drew’s most loyal supporters for five or more years.

Gifts reflected in this report were received between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Drew University endeavors to record the names of donors and volunteers accurately and completely. However, if we have inadvertently omitted or misstated your name, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know by contacting the Jane Driscoll Himmelrich at 973-408-3733 or

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Honor Roll of Donors

Heartwood Club

Heartwood Club

Consecutive giving for ten or more fiscal years

Mr. Jeremy I. Aaronson C’03 and Ms. Lindsay Citrino Aaronson C’03
Ms. Geraldine Schachterle Abbott C’50
Mr. Joshua M. Abrams C’88
Ms. Toni Zuccarini Ackley C’93
Dr. Charles L. Adams T’69,’91
Mr. Mark K. Adams C’78
Mr. Ralph P. Adkins C’61
Ms. Jessica Hrabosky Adler C’97
Ms. Mary Monticelli Aivazis C’78
Dr. John A. Albertini C’67
Ms. Cylvia F. Alderman C’88
The Rev. Samuel L. Allaman, Jr. T’57
Ms. Carol Marshall Allen C’78
Ms. Cassandra L. Allen C’96
Mr. Owen F. Allen T’60
Mr. R. Scott Amann C’74
Ms. Elaine Hoffman Ambrose C’67
Ms. Adrienne L. Ament
Ms. Joyce Z. Ames
Mrs. Joyce Wakefield Amici C’63
Mr. Charles L. Amos, III C’68
Dr. Lyle W. Anderson T’60
Ms. Mary E. Anderson P’00
Dr. James J. Annarelli G’84, P’17 and Mrs. Anna M. Annarelli P’17
The Rev. Anne V. Annin T’00
Anonymous (11)
Dr. Howard L. Applegate C’57 and Mrs. Shelby Coons Applegate C’57
Mr. Alan I. Apter C’80 and Mrs. Susan Kessler Apter C’83
The Hon. Thomas J. Aquilino, Jr. C’62
Mr. R. Mark Armbrust C’72
Mr. James S. Armstrong C’97
Mr. Gary A. Aspenberg C’67, G’72 and Mrs. Vicki Carlson Aspenberg C’67
Ms. Susan Aufiero-Peters C’94
Mr. Ralph W. Austin C’73 and Mrs. Suzanne Sanborn Austin C’73
Mr. Patrick S. Aylward C’97
Mr. Richard A. Ayoub C’75
Ms. Carol G. Bahmueller C’68
The Rev. Dean I. Bailey T’60
Mr. Edward W. Baird C’72
Ms. Ellen Earp Baker C’63
Mrs. Jane P.W. Baker T’63
Mr. Joseph B. Baker C’69
Ms. Joanne Church Ball C’75
The Rev. Thomas W. Bare T’55
The Rev. Vernie T. Barnett T’51
Ms. Margaret C. Barno C’66
Dr. John B. Baron G’87,’94
Mrs. Sandra Mullen Barrett C’67
Dr. Margaret W. Bartlett G’88,’13 and Mr. Marshall P. Bartlett
Mr. David L. Barton C’64
Ms. Dana M. Basile C’96
Ms. Trudy Braunlich Bauer C’62
The Rev. Dr. Neal L. Baumwart T’65
Dr. Harlan M. Baxter T’68,’75
Mrs. Ruth Thomas Baylis C’49
Dr. Lois E. Beekey
Dr. Joseph L. Belsky C’49, P’82
Ms. Carol Stiles Bemis C’81
The Rev. John A. Benson T’69
Mr. William Z. Berman C’54
Mr. Michael S. Berry C’89 and Mrs. Kelly Hunter Berry C’89
Dr. Roger G. Betsworth T’62
Ms. Lisa A. Bevacqua C’02
Mrs. Amy Anderson Beveridge C’65
Mr. Arthur J. Biber P’85 and Mrs. Deborah Biber P’85
Ms. Amy Covey Bice C’92
Mr. Joseph T. Biernacki C’77
Mrs. April Tross Biller C’76
Mrs. Gail Mudge Binder C’65
The Rev. William A. Bingham T’91
Dr. Roger W. Binkley C’62 and Mrs. Edith Reed Binkley C’62
The Rev. Herman O. Bips C’62, T’66
Mr. Wesley E. Bishop C’57 and Mrs. Elizabeth Cotterill Bishop C’59
Mr. Neil D. Block C’83
Mr. James D. Bloom C’56
Mr. Dean A. Blumetti C’90
Dr. Judy Pross Boehlert C’61
Mrs. Staci Waldman Bolanowski C’89
Mrs. Sandra Assenheimer Bonamo C’84
Mrs. Marjorie Linton Bonner C’55
Mr. Paul W. Boren C’78 and Mrs. Marla Friedman Boren C’78
Dr. William K. Boss, Jr. C’71
Dr. Suzanne Bowles T’79
Mr. Daniel R. Boyer C’69, P’04 and Mrs. Nora McMahon Boyer C’79, P’04
Ms. Diane Chace Boyer C’52
Mrs. Donna Mundwiler Bradley C’64
Mrs. Barbara Edgerton Brady C’50
Mrs. Hedy Brasch
Ms. Mindy A. Brauer C’02
Mr. Robert J. Bredin C’60
Mr. Joseph Brenner, Jr. C’69
Mr. Richard E. Brewer C’54
Mr. Bruce W. Bristol, Sr. C’66, P’99 and Mrs. Judith Bristol P’99
Mr. James S. Brock C’88
Mr. Andrew S. Brooslin C’94
Mrs. Mary Flartey Brotherton C’47
Ms. Angelina Apuzzo Brown C’89
The Rev. Carroll D. Brown T’63
Mr. William D. Bruen C’50
Ms. Elizabeth A. Bruno
Dr. Marlinda R. Bruno C’67
Mr. David M. Bryan C’72
The Rev. Robert O. Bryant T’54, G’60
Dr. Mary Watts Budge C’62
Mr. R. Camper Bull C’91
Dr. Vivian A. Bull
Mr. Louis H. Bullock, Jr. C’55
Ms. Linnae Christensen Bulun C’71
Ms. Laura J. Bund C’80
Ms. Melinda A. Bunnell-Rhyne C’93
Dr. Beverly G. Busch G’81,’86
Ms. Carolyn C. Buss G’90
Mr. Laurence N. Butler C’72
Ms. Gloria P. Cahill G’99
The Rev. Richard A. Caldwell T’74
Mr. Billy J. Campbell C’91 and Mrs. Elizabeth Bloetjes Campbell C’91
Mrs. Clemence Robinson Campbell C’52
Ms. Judith E. Campbell P’94, G’10
Ms. Margaret A. Campbell C’63
Mr. Thomas F. Campion and Mrs. Virginia D. Campion G’05
The Rev. Dr. Richard W. Capron T’73, G’86,’92
The Rev. Dr. Bruce L. Carlson T’77
Dr. Robert W. Carlson C’50, T’53 and Mrs. Elizabeth Carbarga Carlson C’52
Ms. Virginia Kesler Carlson C’87
Mr. Frank J. Carnabuci III C’73
Mr. William A. Carney C’84
Ms. Deanna L. Caron C’92
Mrs. Sonnie Hirsch Carpenter C’86
Mr. G. Paul Carr, Jr. T’61
Mr. Anthony E. Carreras C’03 and Mrs. Adrienne Rumore Carreras C’04
Mr. Michael D. Carri C’89
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Carson, Jr.
Mr. C. Wesley Carson C’61 and Mrs. Carol S. Carson
Mr. John E. Carson C’59
The Rev. Alan D. Carvalho C’58
Mrs. Marcia D. Casais
Ms. Evelyn Donaldson Case C’69
Dr. Barbara M. Caspersen G’83,’86,’90
Ms. Cynthia Lee Cavanaugh C’91
Dr. Cecil R. Cave, Jr. T’82
Mrs. Lauretta Staib Cavrudatz C’48
Mrs. Jean Tamburro Cekleniak C’54
Dr. David J. Cennimo C’97
Ms. Catherine M. Cerbo C’97
Ms. Ruth Schaefer Chaplin C’64
Mrs. Sarah Chapman
Dr. Dana Kupperman Chavkin C’68
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chefitz
Mr. Daniel M. Chiariello C’86 and Mrs. Lisa Lemery Chiariello C’86
The Rev. Dr. Irving A. Childress T’99,’02
Mrs. Patricia Kushler Chirico C’74 and Mr. Gerardo J. Chirico
Mrs. Carol Lauer Chisdes C’56
Mr. John G. Christian, Jr. C’85
Dr. Matthew W. Christian C’99
Dr. Robert S. Christian T’63
Mr. Richard A. Christiano C’90
Ms. Lynn B. Christoffers C’74
Dr. Michael R. Christy C’88 and Mrs. Susan Krom Christy C’88
Mr. John M. Cihocki C’66, P’99 and Mrs. Margaret Heineman Cihocki C’69, P’99
Mr. Peter J. Cimini C’87
Ms. Sandra Miller Citron C’76
Mr. William E. Clark C’91 and Ms. Julie Aigner-Clark
The Rev. Dr. William J. Clark T’95
Mr. Joseph M. Clayton C’66 and Mrs. Anne Batastini Clayton C’66
Dr. Barbara W. Coe G’83, G’87
Ms. Adrian E. Coffey C’05
Ms. Allison R. Cohen C’93
Mr. Jeffrey S. Cohen C’79
Dr. Marie Walls Cohen C’76
Mr. Daniel P. Coker C’91 and Mrs. Lisa Cangialosi Coker C’92
Ms. Marnette H. Colborne C’94
The Rev. Donald E. Colburn T’54
Mr. Kenneth D. Cole G’81 and Ms. Rosemarie A. Collingwood-Cole P’00, G’00
Ms. Tauna Cole C’01
The Rev. Dr. Larry L. Coleman T’77
Ms. Dorcas T. Collins G’01
Dr. Linda Eaton Connors C’64
Mrs. Katherine Hyman Cook C’68
Mrs. Dolores Cuva Cooke C’58
Dr. Raymond J. Cooke T’44
Dr. Marion W. Copeland C’58
Ms. Lisa D. Cornacchia C’98
Mr. C. Rory Corrigan C’72 and Mrs. Debi Corrigan
Dr. Thurman L. Coss G’57
Miss Ellen J. Cotter C’62
Ms. Elaine W. Cowen
Mr. Alexander D. Crary C’70
Mr. John H. Crawford, III T’65 and Mrs. Catherine Huntoon Crawford C’64
Ms. Lisa Crawley C’84
Ms. Helga Gruendling Crisp C’54
Mrs. Lynn Crosthwait P’96
Dr. Robert W. Crowther, Jr. T’56,’77, P’77,’79, A’07 and Mrs. Mary W. Crowther P’77,’79, A’07
Dr. Grace D. Cumming G’85,’87
Mr. Howard W. Currid C’65
Mr. Edward J. Curtin C’80
The Rev. Dr. Lawrence R. Curtis T’77
Dr. John D. Cusmano C’78, P’14 and Dr. Nancy K. Cusmano P’14
Ms. Elizabeth Miller Custer C’56
Mr. Gary C. Cyphers C’68
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. D’Andrade
Ms. Claudia D’Andrea C’91
Ms. Lynn Folinus Dahlberg C’68
Mrs. Dorothy Tillan Daley C’52
Dr. Robert E. Dalrymple C’74
Ms. Laura Damon C’70
Lieutenant Colonel Marilyn E. David-Krasner C’75
Mr. Robert E. Davidson C’61 and Mrs. Mary Peck Davidson C’62
The Rev. Thomas C. Davis C’51, T’54
Mr. James E. DeAngelis C’76
Ms. Ellen M. deLalla C’59
Mr. Steven A. DeLuca C’99
Ms. Christina Smith Demaree C’70
Ms. Kathleen Walling Demaree C’91
Mr. Jack H. Dempster C’59
Dr. Donald F. Derse T’64
Dr. Lynn Luderer Desautels C’73
Mr. Douglas E. Deutsch C’91
Mrs. Phyllis Snyder Devericks C’66
Mrs. Carol Kim Devine C’69
The Rev. James Dewart C’48, T’51
Mrs. Carole Smolensky Dickerson C’55
Mr. Nicholas M. DiGiovanni C’90
Dr. William L. Dike T’58
Mrs. Christie Tola Dileo C’97
Mr. James F. Diverio C’84 and Mrs. Regina Diverio G’96
Ms. Amy Olatta Dixon C’80
The Rev. Dr. Larry E. Dixon T’97
Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr. P’02 and Mrs. Janet C. Dobbelaar P’02
Mr. James W. Dobbins C’83, P’15 and Mrs. Deborah Dobbins P’15
Dr. Alan Dobrow C’50
Dr. Edward A. Domber, Jr. C’67
Dr. Frank J. Domino C’82
Mr. Edward J. Dooley C’00
Mr. Thomas L. Doremus C’68
Ms. Laura R. Dougherty C’97
Mrs. Sharon Bailey Dougherty C’80
Dr. John F. Dow C’52, T’55, G’61
Mr. John S. Doyle C’78
Dr. Donald L. Drakeman and Dr. Lisa Drakeman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Draper P’91
Dr. Paul Drucker C’51, P’83
Mr. Kevin M. Dube C’04
Mr. Raymond L. Dudley C’69
Mr. David A. DuGoff C’74
The Rev. James E. Duke, Jr. T’66
The Rev. Thomas E. Dunlap, Sr. T’64 and Mrs. Betty J. Dunlap
Dr. Rose Ellen Dunn G’90, T’03, G’06, T’11
Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan
Mrs. A. Esther Pellet Dursch C’47
Ms. Amanda Barry Dyer C’96
Mrs. Gail Bagley Earnest C’72
Mr. Dale A. Ebling C’51
Mr. Louis V. Eccleston C’79 and Ms. Joan L. Albanese C’78
Mrs. Margaret Sokoloff Edelson C’82
Mr. Carl W. Edinger C’67
Mr. Andrew S. Edmonds C’93 and Ms. Jenny Noonan Edmonds C’93
Dr. Frances L. Edwards C’69, G’71
Mr. Joseph Egerhazy P’03 and Mrs. Barbara L. Egerhazy P’03
Mr. J. Anthony Ehinger C’80 and Mrs. Marianne Hyzak Ehinger C’80
Mr. Robert F. Ehinger P’80
Ms. Mary Burke Emanuelli C’87, P’19 and Mr. Joseph Emanuelli P’19
Dr. Barbara A. Engler G’67
Ms. Maryann E. Errico
Dr. and Mrs. Angel F. Espinosa P’99
Mr. H. Stephen Evans C’72
Ms. Kimberly Harris Evans C’96
The Rev. Paul Evans C’59
Ms. Camilla B. Evans-Hensey C’80
Mrs. Margaret Kunzle Everett C’64
The Rev. Walter H. Everett C’56, T’60
Dr. Kathryn Faber G’83,’02
Ms. Michele E. Fabrizio C’73 and Mr. Robert Kopech C’73
Mr. Michael Falk C’90
Ms. Deborah L. Fallon G’03
Dr. John J. Farley, Jr. C’77
Mr. Leo L. Farley C’75
Ms. Linda Bernstein Farwell C’84
Dr. Glenn T. Fasanella T’81
Mr. Mahlon L. Fast and Ms. Suzanne J. Fast
Mrs. Roselyn Warner Faulkner C’68
Ms. L. Lynn Swader Fedor C’56
Ms. Sharon G. Felts C’99
Mr. Barry W. Fenstermacher C’69
Dr. Robert L. Fenstermacher C’63 and Ms. Anne Clark Jacobson C’75
Ms. Barbara Yin Fern C’61
The Rev. Dorothy Field T’82
Dr. Eleanor Selfridge Field C’62
Mr. John E. Fischer C’60
Dr. Richard W. Fisher T’64 and Mrs. Donna Schmidt Fisher C’62
Mr. Brian S. Fitzgerald P’08 and Mrs. Kathleen Fitzgerald P’08
Mrs. Ruth Sinclair Fleischer C’61
Mrs. Sandra Wilbur Fleischer C’61
The Rev. Vicky A. Fleming T’91
Ms. Joyce E. Flood C’67
Dr. Lawrence G. Flood C’62 and Dr. Carolyn M. Morell C’64
Mrs. Janet Logan Florin C’59
Mr. Wayne E. Flynn C’82 and Mrs. Sophia Soldatos Flynn C’83
Mr. John P. Foreman C’62
Mr. Bruce C. Foulke P’96 and Mrs. Kathleen Foulke P’96
Mr. G. Jason Found C’91
Dr. David J. Frame C’63, G’69
Mrs. Ellen Artus Frank C’59
Mr. Paul W. Franklin C’88
Miss Karen L. Frascella C’75
The Rev. Dr. Allie W. Frazier, Jr. T’92
Dr. Dianne Murphy Frazier C’64, P’97 and Mr. James M. Frazier P’97
Mr. Gary S. Freed C’78
Mr. William M. Freeman C’74 and Mrs. Ellen Freeman
Dr. Gordon D. Friedman C’63
Mrs. Alice Clayton Friesen C’52
Mr. Gary H. Frieze T’03
Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Fritz P’96
Mr. William P. Fritz C’93
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Froehlich P’99
The Rev. Paul E. Froman T’59 and Mrs. Beverly Thomas Froman C’58
Mr. Fredrick Fuest C’68, P’02,’08 and Mrs. Heather D. Fuest P’02,’08
Ms. Melissa M. Fuest C’02
Mr. John B. Gabrielson C’70
Mrs. Leslie Walker Gabrilska C’77
Ms. Patricia Langdon Galaskas C’64
Dr. Walter W. Gallati C’50
Mrs. Ruth E. Gandek C’56
Mr. Robert J. Gast C’87
Ms. H. Lynn Gaviotis C’78
Mrs. Jean Gaviotis P’78
The Rev. Richard R. Gay T’45
Dr. Lawrence A. Gaydos C’53
Dr. Max Geller C’51
Dr. David R. Gentile C’87, P’18 and Dr. Kristin Gustafson Gentile C’86, P’18
Mr. Philip G. George C’74
Mr. Robert D. George C’78
Dr. Robert Gerber P’13 and Dr. Nancy F. Gerber P’13
Mr. Mitchell B. Germansky C’78
Mrs. Beverly Rubin Gershon C’48
Mrs. Christine Weiss Getz C’67
Dr. and Mrs. Paolo Giacomoni P’04
Dr. Michael D. Gialanella G’04
Ms. Chryssa Papadopoulos Giannini C’96
Mr. Robert G. Gibbs C’74
Ms. Rebecca E. Gibby T’00
Dr. W. David Gibson P’02 and Mrs. Larissa W. Gibson P’02
Mrs. Jean Salisbury Gill C’56
Mr. Jeffrey Gillman C’63
Bishop Marshall Gilmore T’60
Mr. Joel M. Gininger C’78
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gionti C’82
Dr. Stuart S. Gittelman C’88
Dr. Sol Gittleman C’55
Mr. Elliot R. Glantz C’76
Dr. Marion Shepherd Glick C’59
Dr. Bruce A. Goldberger C’82
Mr. Michael L. Goldstone C’87
Ms. Colleen Fitzgerald Goleman C’78
Mr. Norman Golob and Mrs. Miriam R. Golob
Mr. Douglas Goodman C’76
Mr. Harold C. Gordon C’70
Mrs. Carol Cole Gosselin C’68
Mr. David P. Gould C’84
Mrs. Jacqueline Gowen-Tolcott C’74
Mr. Joseph E. Devlin C’87 and Ms. Stephanie J. Grabowski-Devlin C’87
Mr. John J. Grady P’93 and Mrs. Marie T. Grady P’93
The Rev. Dr. J. Billy Graham T’89
Dr. Andrew D. Granas C’98
Dr. David M. Graybeal P’72
Mr. John W. Greco C’65
Mr. David R. Green C’72
Mr. Robert M. Green C’72
Dr. Neil B. Greenberg C’63
Mr. Robert E. Griffiths C’74
Ms. Alison M. Grill C’05
Mr. Leo P. Grohowski C’80 and Mrs. Nancy Grohowski
Bishop William B. Grove T’54
Dr. Rodney A. Grunes C’63 and Mrs. Judith Kessler Grunes C’65
Dr. Frank Gump and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gump
Mr. Steven A. Gundel C’71
Mr. Milton Gussow C’46
The Rev. Dr. Frank P. Haggard G’72
Ms. Emily Herc Hagman C’95
Mrs. Joanne Whitman Haines C’45
Mrs. Patricia D. Shaljian Hairston C’75
Mr. Richard P. Hall C’68 and Mrs. Kathleen Sexton Hall C’70
Mrs. Carolyn Tuttle Hallifax C’69
Dr. Keith M. Halperin C’71
The Rev. Dr. Charles H. Hambrick T’59
Mr. John D. Hambright C’78
Mr. Larry E. Hamil T’71
Mr. Bruce T. Hamilton C’80
Dr. John E. Hammett, III C’84 and Mrs. Roxanna Epling Hammett C’84
Dr. Suzanne Harvey Hampton C’56
Mr. F. Noel Hansch C’49
Mr. Leon G. Harbeson C’57
Mrs. Ruth Moorman Hardin C’54
Mr. David S. Hardwick C’61 and Mrs. Beverley Allen Hardwick C’60
The Rev. Duane K. Harms T’56
Dr. Robert C. Harrall C’62, P’88 and Ms. Janice P. Harrall P’88
The Rev. Dr. James H. Harris, Jr. T’66
Mr. Dohn E. Harshbarger C’66
Ms. Donna Filion Hartley C’84
Ms. Irene K. Harvey G’78
Dr. William R. Harvey T’61
Mr. Joseph J. Harzbecker, Jr. C’82
Mrs. Martha Burt Hassard C’65
Ms. Elise C. Hauenstein C’71
Mr. Christian Havemeyer C’70
Mr. Robert A. Hawes C’70
Mr. Trevor A. Haydon, Jr. C’74
Mr. Jamie S. Hayman C’98 and Ms. Christina Meo Hayman C’98
Dr. LeRoy W. Haynes C’56 and Mrs. Ruth Schubert Haynes C’56
Mr. George E. Hayward C’60
Mrs. Eleanor Long Hazarian C’58
Mr. James G. Headley, Jr. C’69
Ms. Tara Kirkendall Heater C’92
The Rev. Phyllis Thorne Heffner C’75
Mrs. Donnalee Peck Helhoski C’67
Mr. William F. Helke C’80
Ms. Heather A. Hemmer C’98
Dr. Thomas R. Henderson C’63
Mr. Brett R. Hendricks C’90
Mr. Kai O. Hennemann C’83
The Rev. Kathleen Murray Henry C’65
Dr. Mary Zoghby Hepburn C’54
The Rev. Edgar C. Hersh T’51
Mr. Andrew M. Hershey C’91
The Rev. Dr. Dennis E. Hier T’63
Mrs. Blanche Jabitsky Hirsch C’52
Mr. Grant D. Hobson C’62 and Mrs. Jeannette Hobson
The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Hoeft T’65
The Rev. Marybelle Brewster Hollister C’56
Dr. Julia S. Holmes C’69, P’99
Dr. Dara Frankel Holwitt C’73
Ms. Laura A. Hook C’84
Mrs. Eleanor Fritz Hopke C’68
Ms. Judith Gravell Hornstra C’62
Dr. Margaret Howard G’09
The Rev. Richard W. Howarth T’68
Mr. Ian M. Hubbard C’58
Ms. Marsha Robinson Huber C’72
Ms. Avis G. Hull C’62
Mrs. Marjorie Freeman Hull C’50
The Rev. Robert E. Hullstrung T’60 and Mrs. Flora Robinson Hullstrung C’56
Mrs. Judith Morgan Hults C’64
Ms. Carolyn Alspach Hunt C’69, G’83 and Mr. James E. Hunt C’69
Mr. Milton S. Hunter, III C’75
Mrs. Gail Moomjian Hurley C’84
Mrs. Sue A. Idleman G’92
Dr. Daniel R. Ilaria C’97 and Ms. Kristine Papachristos Ilaria C’00
Mr. Marc A. Inger C’90
Ms. Ann Travis Ingram C’70
Ms. Carol Tulenko Irving C’59
Mr. Harry K. Jackle C’54
Ms. Lois E. Jackson C’63
Mrs. Gale Sypher Jacob C’62
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce I. Jacobs
Dr. Walter P. Jacobsohn
The Rev. Richard P. James C’56, T’59 and Mrs. Carole Horncastle James C’59 
Dr. Sandra Jamieson
Mr. Robert M. Janes C’55 and Mrs. Margery Phillips Janes C’57
Dr. George-Harold Jennings C’76
Ms. Margery M. Jennings C’72
Dr. Philip K. Jensen T’59, P’92 and Mrs. Catherine Schoon Jensen C’63, P’92
Mrs. Hilma Vesterdal Jenus C’55
Ms. Susan Behrend Jerison C’82
Dr. Charles E. Johns T’67
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Johnson P’04
The Rev. Harold P. Johnson T’56
Ms. Nancy E. Johnson C’72
The Rev. William A. Johnston T’62
Mrs. Arlene D. Jonach P’90
Ms. Ann Marie Torre Jones C’72
Dr. Arthur C. Jones C’67
Mr. Eric R. Jones C’93 and Mrs. April Fiske Jones C’93
Dr. Ferdinand T. Jones C’53
Mr. Huntington H. Jones C’70 and Mrs. Susan Rea Jones C’69, G’80
Mrs. Karen R. Jones
Mr. Leonard H. Jones C’81
Mrs. Barbara Herber Jordan C’58
The Rev. Clinton M. Jordan T’65 and Mrs. Linda McCall Jordan C’64
Dr. Aarchan R. Joshi C’89
Bishop David B. Joslin C’58, T’61
Mrs. Cornelia S. Joy G’71
Dr. F. Belton Joyner, Jr. T’61,’81
Mr. Daniel R. Kahn C’00
Dr. Ilku Kang G’88,’92 and Mrs. Hee Sook W. Kang T’92
The Rev. Dr. Keunho Kang T’01,’03
Mrs. Donna Pethybridge Katsaounis C’68
Mr. Joseph H. Katz C’83
Dr. Marion E. Kayhart C’47
Mrs. Carol Lucassen Kealy C’75
The Hon. Thomas H. Kean
Dr. Laurel Kearns
Mr. LaVerne Keats C’43, P’87
Ms. JoAnn Keatz C’79
Mr. E. Andrew Keeney C’73 and Mrs. Marcia Bullard Keeney C’73
Mrs. Iris B. Keim P’86
Ms. Susan M. Kell C’02
Mrs. Victoria Michel Kelley C’73 and Mr. John Kelley
Ms. Elizabeth J. Kellogg C’04
Dr. Elizabeth Nielson Kelly T’59 and Mr. Philip H. Kelly
Ms. Patrice M. Kelly G’03 and Mr. John F. Kelly
Mrs. Irene McElrea Kempf C’76
Mr. William A. Kennedy P’85 and Mrs. Charlotte C. Kennedy P’85
Mr. Gordon L. Kenny C’95
The Rev. Dr. Erwin K. Kerr T’62
Mr. Myron Kesselhaut
Ms. Carolyn Borg Kessinger C’68
The Rev. Dr. Charles Keyworth T’93
Mrs. Sherry Lidd Kheir-Eldin C’68
Mr. James N. Kimball C’94
The Rev. Donald M. Kimmelman T’61
Dr. Horace B. King, III T’69,’77
Mr. and Mrs. S. Dillard Kirby
Mrs. Margerie French Kirchhof C’64
Dr. Donald H. Kirkham T’68
Ms. Ann Stoll Kirkowski C’03
Mr. Christopher J. Klein C’94 and Mrs. Erin Kragh Klein C’97
Ms. Heather Bennett Klein C’90
Dr. Jody Klein-Saffran C’79
The Rev. Daniel A. Klement T’65
Dr. Lawrence O. Kline C’52, T’56 and Mrs. Marian Smith Kline C’54
Mrs. Gail Buchanan Klumpp C’80
Dr. James F. Knapp C’62, P’90 and Mrs. Peggy A. Knapp P’90
Mr. William T. Knox, IV P’96 and Mrs. Carolyn Benjamin Knox C’67, P’96
Ms. Sumiko Kobayashi C’46
Dr. Barbara Cox Koehler C’65
Ms. Nina Holbrook Kogan C’93
Mr. Thomas A. Koivisto C’69
Ms. Luanne Paulter Koper C’80
Mr. Robert A. Kratchman C’76 and Mrs. Julie Bogle Kratchman C’77
Ms. Deborah Drelich Kratzer C’89
Mr. Brian S. Krick C’91
Mr. Howard F. Krom P’88 and Mrs. Roberta Krom P’88
Ms. Tammy M. Kropilak C’84
The Rev. Delton H. Krueger T’54
Mrs. Louise Pond Kulig C’77
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kuzmiak P’04
Dr. Joan R. Lagomarsino C’79
Mr. Benjamin J. Lammers C’89 and Ms. Andrea Gaglio C’89
Mrs. Paulette Duval Langguth C’79
Mr. John E. Lanman C’69
Mr. Matthew T. Latterell C’91
Dr. Tara L. Lauriat C’01
Mrs. Mara Barens Lauterbach C’62
Mr. Herbert W. Lauterwasser C’49
Dr. James M. Lavery T’67,’76
Mr. Edmund W. Law C’79 and Ms. Laurie Deutsch Law C’80
Dr. Edwina Lawler G’79,’81 and Mr. Terence A. Lawler
Mr. H. David Lawrence C’69 and Mrs. Karen Nelson Lawrence C’70
Mr. Bruce F. Lawrie C’64
Mrs. Barbara Schwartz Le Febvre C’70
Dr. J. Perry Leavell and Dr. Barbara B. Oberg
Dr. Peter M. Leavitt C’69, T’73
Ms. Valerie Innes Ledyard C’71
Mr. Steve A. Lemanski C’89
Mr. Mark P. Lescault C’71
Mr. Lawrence R. Levine C’83
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Levine P’07
Mrs. Valerie Greenspan Levy C’64
Dr. Albert C. Li C’00
Mr. Gerard J. Lian C’77
Mr. Robert L. Libkind C’69
Mr. Walter Lidman C’59
Dr. Herbert E. Lieb C’49
The Rev. Olon R. Lindemood T’53
Ms. Marilyn S. Linden
Mr. Arthur M. Lindsay C’54
Ms. Sara F. Lingenfelter C’99
Mr. Eugene M. Lisansky C’77
Mr. David R. Little C’71
Mr. Harry Litwack C’71
Ms. Susan H. Livingston C’61
Mr. Jeffrey L. Loeb C’74
Mr. John J. Loeser C’86
The Rev. Laurence A. Loftus C’53, T’56
Ms. Faith S. Longstreet C’65
Ms. Brenda Dranoff Lopez C’82
Dr. John P. Losee, Jr. G’61
Ms. Erin M. Loubier C’92
Dr. Nora O. Lozano-Diaz G’95,’03
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Luber
Dr. Lawrence A. Lubow and Mrs. Susan L. Lubow
Dr. Jennifer Mollard Lucas C’87 and Mr. Robert P. Lucas C’86
Dr. Albert A. Luderer C’70 and Mrs. Margaret A. Luderer
Dr. Wendell D. Luke, Jr. T’64
Ms. Mary Herrmann Lunin C’55
Mr. John J. Lyons, Jr. C’69
Ms. Kathleen N. Lyons G’98
Mrs. Mary Wood MacDonald C’57
Ms. Catherine Grumbine MacRae C’72
Mr. John W. Maher
Mr. Thomas Mahoney C’78
Mr. Jeremy A. Maisto C’00 and Mrs. Emily Stine Maisto C’02
Ms. Carol A. Malinowski C’80
Ms. Frances S. Malkin
Mr. Dennis W. Maloney G’86
The Rev. Dorothea Maloney T’79 and Mr. Gerald P. Maloney
Mrs. Emilie Christiansen Manning C’51
Mr. A. Theodore Manzo, Jr. C’64 and Ms. Joyce Petzel Manzo C’64
Ms. Susan Davis Marianacci C’88
Mr. Kevin H. Marino C’80 and Mrs. Rita Marino
The Rev. Jeffrey P. Markay C’88, T’95
Dr. Leonard Marks, Jr. C’42
Dr. Elizabeth H. Marsh G’83,’90,’91 and Mr. Spencer S. Marsh, III
Mr. Terrell Marshall, III C’75 and Mrs. Joan Leming Marshall C’77
The Rev. Thomas W. Marston C’66
Ms. Jennifer Hrablook Martello C’04
Mr. Herbert Martin C’51
Mrs. Reba Lerner Martin C’49
Dr. Roger H. Martin C’65
Dr. Nicole L. Martone G’04,’09
Mr. Karl N. Marx C’49, P’77, A’08
Ms. Laura Mastrosimone-Murry C’94
Mr. Adam M. Materasso C’03 and Ms. Kristy Miskoff Materasso C’99
The Rev. Herbert L. Mather T’60
Mr. Glenn L. Mathiasen C’49
Mr. Gordon T. Maxfield, Jr. C’62 and Mrs. Martha Fowler Maxfield C’62
The Rev. Harry Mazujian C’75
Mr. Alastair McArthur C’53
Mrs. Shirley McBride T’88
Mrs. Marion Ulmer McCarthy C’64
Dr. William A. McCartney T’56 and Mrs. Judith Toone McCartney C’57
Ms. Lorelei Philibert McConnell C’60
Dr. Daniel G. McFadden C’63
Mr. Thomas W. McGill C’87
Ms. Susan Repetti McHale C’84
Ms. Laurie McIntosh C’97
Mr. Patrick McLaughlin P’03 and Mrs. Margaret V. McLaughlin P’03
Mr. John D. McLellan, Jr. C’52 and Mrs. Joan Fisher McLellan C’54
Mr. and Mrs. Heath B. McLendon
Dr. Kerry R. McMahon C’97
Mr. Thomas P. McMullen C’68
The Rev. Dr. Malcolm J. McVeigh T’56
Mr. Scott E. Megill C’95 and Mrs. Caroline Morrissey Megill C’95
Mr. William B. Menczer C’74
Dr. John H. Menke C’66 and Ms. Janice Farry-Menke C’67
The Rev. Dr. Stanley J. Menking T’57, G’66 and Mrs. Betty K. Menking
Mr. Bruce A. Menozzi C’71 and Mrs. Ann Tompkins Menozzi C’71
Dr. Allen H. Merriam C’64
Dr. William G. Merz C’63
Mr. Joel L. Michaels P’08 and Ms. Jennifer R. Russel P’08
Ms. Betsy S. Michel
The Rev. Louis C. Michel T’63,’65
Mr. David S. Millar C’66
The Rev. Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T’59,’75
The Rev. Dr. Kevin D. Miller T’03,’08 and Ms. Myra Miller
Mrs. Koreen L. Miller T’65
The Rev. Roger G. Miller C’63, T’70
Ms. Tina Miragliotta C’91
Mr. George A. Misner, III C’61
Mr. James A. Mitchell C’70
Mrs. Margaret Luisa Mitchell C’58
Ms. Martha J. Mitchell C’76, P’08
Ms. Susan E. Mittelkauf C’76
Mr. Arthur Mittler C’65
Ms. Katherine A. Mobayed C’06
Mr. Edward A. Moed C’89 and Mrs. Pamela MacFall Moed C’92
Mrs. Gail Fisher Moizeau C’57
Ms. Alma M. Molato C’94
Mrs. Martha V. Molato P’94
The Rev. Joseph P. Monahan T’03 and Mrs. Stephanie L. Monahan
Mrs. Lanis W. Monfried P’96
Mrs. Eleanor Ritter Monks C’58
Ms. Susan Weidman Moore C’78
Mr. Gilbert E. Morris C’82
The Rev. Jay A. Morris T’55
Mr. John C. Morris, Jr. P’91 and Mrs. Brenda Morris P’91
Mr. Lawrence G. Morris C’94 and Mrs. Devyani Gupta Morris C’96
Ms. Gail Slaybaugh Morrison C’59
Mr. Foster Reid Morrow, Jr. C’60
Dr. Johannes Morsink and Ms. Nancy J. Snyder C’80
Dr. David E. Mulford T’79
Ms. Janice Gates Mundi C’88
Mr. William E. Munther C’75
Mr. James L. Murch C’66 and Mrs. Jane Manning Murch C’66
Mr. David C. Mut C’66, G’78
The Rev. Dr. Calvin R. Myers T’55,’59
Mrs. Joan Patchen Naab C’59
Mrs. Debbra Johnson Nagle C’81
Dr. Nishan J. Najarian C’55, T’59, G’82
Mr. Brian J. Nell C’97
Ms. Lauren R. Nelson C’04
Ms. Margaret Daniel Nelson C’97
Ms. Katherine G. Newcomer C’75
Dr. Robert G. Newman G’65
Ms. Anne M. Nichols C’48
Mr. Jeffrey P. Nichols P’09 and Mrs. Christine Nichols P’09
Dr. Keith A. Nier and Ms. Lessie Culmer-Nier G’80
Ms. Mary Tamburello Nilsson C’49
The Rev. John A. Nolan C’74, T’78, P’00,’05 and Mrs. Mary K. Nolan P’00,’05
Ms. Lisa M. Nolan C’80
Mr. Richard T. Nolan C’87
Mrs. Elizabeth Hazard Nolte C’69
Mrs. Jeanne Van Camp Norlander C’47
The Rev. David Y. Norris T’69
Mr. Jeffrey B. Noss C’75 and Mrs. Anne Lewis Noss C’75
Mrs. Gail Purdie Nourse C’70
Mr. Steven Novak, III C’00
Dr. John E. Nuessle T’77,’91
Mr. Jeffrey B. Nunner C’99
Mr. Peter R. Oades P’06 and Mrs. Susan C. Oades P’06
Mrs. Pamela A. Oakes C’92
Dr. Diane B. Obenchain C’70
Mr. Stephen J. Obie C’88 and Mrs. Robin Zirilli Obie C’89
Mr. Scott R. Ciommo C’93 and Ms. Kathleen M. O’Connor C’93
Dr. Casey J. O’Donnell C’98
Ms. Shirleen Toothaker Offermann C’81, P’12
Mrs. Karen Healing Olmsted C’65
Mr. Arnold M. Olshan
Dr. Samuel P. Olsher C’57
The Rev. John D. O’Neill T’55 and Mrs. Patricia Schoomaker O’Neill C’53
Mr. Richard N. Onorato C’81
The Rev. Douglas R. Osgood T’62, P’85
Mr. Matthew S. Pacello C’96
Mr. James Pagliocco C’86 and Mrs. Jamie Tome Pagliocco C’89
Dr. Frederic Paperth C’67
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Parker, III
Mrs. Joyce Brunelle Pazianos C’65
Mr. Charles M. Peck C’74 and Mrs. Liora Peck
Dr. John L. Peterman C’59
Mr. Richard L. Peterman, Jr. C’66
Dr. Andrew I. Philip C’01 and Ms. Bridget E. Stoyko C’01
Ms. Sara E. Phillips C’97
Dr. G. Kurt Piehler C’82
Dr. Liana F. Piehler G’96,’01
Ms. Patricia A. Piermatti T’90
Dr. Louise P. Pietsch T’88
Mrs. Marilyn Moore Pikor C’70
Ms. Kimberlee Stare Piper C’84
Mrs. Joan Wilckens Pittis C’74
Mrs. Jo Anne Bellion Plank C’66
Ms. Kaetra Horton Pletenyik C’73, T’85
Ms. Danita A. Pollard-Miralda C’94
Dr. Jay M. Portnoy P’08 and Ms. Ellen Rosenberg Portnoy C’77, P’08
Mr. E. Everett Post, Jr. C’69, P’95 and Mrs. Susan Post P’95
Mr. Robert M. Potanovich, Jr. C’97 and Ms. Susan Applegate Potanovich C’97
Dr. Edwin A. Potter T’58,’83
Mrs. Jean Wignall Powell C’83
Mr. Ralph W. Powell, Sr. C’63 and Mrs. Diane Suter Powell C’63
Mrs. Jennifer Gross Prebyl C’05
Dr. William B. Presnell T’65
Mrs. Janis M. Prezuhy
Mr. David B. Price C’74
Ms. Dale Gilman Prill C’64
Dr. Deborah Crowther Pritchard C’77
Mr. Llewelyn G. Pritchard C’58 and Mrs. Jonie Ashby Pritchard C’59
Mrs. Linda Couso Puccio C’81
Mr. Jozef Purdes C’00
Ms. Cathleen Draper Pye C’59
Ms. Kay Seibert Quackenbush C’62
Ms. Laura A. Quatrochi C’78
Mr. Michael A. Rabbia, Jr. C’88
Mr. Kevin M. Ralph C’94 and Ms. Elizabeth W. Bowman C’96
Mr. Donald J. Rathjens C’59
Ms. Susan Burnham Raven C’97
Mr. Scott J. Ravitz C’72
Ms. Helen A. Raye C’79
Dr. Jonathan W. Reader
Mr. Glenn L. Redbord C’68 and Mrs. Jane Cee Salny Redbord C’68
Mr. Ronald H. Reede C’81
The Rev. George C. Reid, Jr. T’67
Ms. Laura Conboy Reid C’81
Miss Joyce E. Reilly C’74
Mr. David P. Rein C’56
Mr. James M. Renner C’80
Ms. Ann Wildnauer Rettew C’78
Mrs. Cynthia Coll Reya C’71
Ms. Christina Todaro Reynolds C’87
The Rev. James L. Rhinesmith T’46
Ms. Brenda S. Rhodes C’86
Mrs. Helene Pawlicki Rhodes C’63
Mr. David B. Rice C’81
Dr. Mary E. Rice C’47
The Rev. Richard J. Rice C’54, T’58, P’81,84,’13 and Mrs. Nancy L. Rice P’81,’84,’13
Dr. W. Daniel Rich T’79
The Rev. Robert F. Richards T’61 and Mrs. Nancy Clement Richards C’61
Mrs. Sandra King Richmond C’61
Dr. Gary R. Ries C’69
Dr. Peter B. Riesz C’55
Ms. Bierce Bobrowski Riley C’68
Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell Ristey C’64
Mr. Vincenzo Rivetti P’92,’96
Mr. Paul P. Rizzuto T’85
Mr. Stephen M. Robbins C’45 and Mrs. Margaret Shocklock Robbins C’48
Mr. Sean M. Roberts C’00
The Rev. Dr. Shirley J.M. Roberts T’97,’06
Mrs. Nancy Robinson G’93
Dr. Noel P. Robinson G’83
The Rev. John A. Rogers, Jr. C’60
Dr. William B. Rogers G’86,’91,’92
Ms. Nicole Romano C’70
Dr. Alan M. Rosan
Mr. David C. Rosciszewski C’95
Mr. Herman Rosenberg C’37
Ms. Ruth Barrow Rosenberg C’83
Mrs. Alexandra Schmidl Rosenthal C’94
Mr. Howard A. Rosenthal C’74
Mr. Ronald A. Ross C’73
Dr. Leola B. Ross C’87
Ms. Elizabeth Parker Rouse C’66
Dr. Kenneth E. Rowe C’59, G’69
Mrs. W. Sue Binkley Rowe C’59
The Rev. Dr. Leonard G. Rowell T’60
The Rev. Louis E. Rowley T’60
Dr. Marjorie Harding Royle C’67
The Rev. Donald J. Rudalevige C’62, T’66
Mrs. Sue Z. Rudd
Mrs. Molly D. Rundle T’82
Mr. Thomas P. Rush C’76
Ms. Susann E. Rutledge C’95
Ms. Barbara S. Ryther C’75
Ms. Marion Hamilton Sachdeva C’66
Ms. Abigail Raymond Salaway C’67
Dr. Alan K. Salmon T’89
Dr. Ann Saltzman and Dr. Steven H. Saltzman G’96
Mrs. Diane Colaianni Salute C’80
Dr. Herbert W. Samenfeld C’49
Ms. Eva Samo
The Rev. Dr. Virginia Samuel Cetuk T’75 and Dr. Norman B. Cetuk G’00,’06
The Rev. E. Benjamin Sanders T’62
Ms. Lydia Schafhauser Sangree C’84
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Saunders P’95
Dr. Laverna M. Saunders G’82
Mr. Kenneth E. Sauter C’74
Dr. Luther L. Scales, Jr. G’69
Dr. Kelly A. Scanlon C’95
Mrs. Penny A. Schade C’98
Mr. Nelson Schaenen, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy S. Schaenen
Ms. Ann Eaton Schilling C’66
The Rev. David H. Schlansker C’65
Mrs. Barbara Simpson Schlerf C’56
Dr. Lisa Schlotterhausen C’89
Mr. Fritz R. Schmidt C’73 and Mrs. Leigh Young Schmidt C’73
The Rev. Dr. Phillip O. Schnell C’55, T’58,’76 and Mrs. Anne Johnson Schnell C’55
Mr. Douglas J. Schneller C’84
Dr. Nancy Bennie Schoeps C’64
Mr. Paul D. Schuman C’77
Mr. William R. Schumann C’64 and Mrs. Gerie Snell Schumann C’63
Ms. Ann M. Schwab C’89
Mrs. Nora Pincus Schwarz C’82
Mr. Jonathan Schwieger C’65
Mr. Ralph I. Scoville C’80
Dr. Andrew Scrimgeour
Mr. Peter H. Scudder G’70
The Rev. Neale A. Secor C’56
Mrs. Maria Esposito Sedlack C’77
Mr. Kenneth E. Seip C’87 and Mrs. Judith Cornelius Seip C’86
Dr. Suzanne Selinger
Ms. Victoria E. Selph C’74
Dr. Charles D. Semel C’64
Mr. Richard A. Semeraro C’55
Mrs. Pamela Tuohey Seres C’71
Ms. Emily Mathews Sexton C’66
Dr. James T. Seymour T’78
Mr. Nicholas C. Sfiris C’76, P’10 and Mrs. Mary Mamourian Sfiris C’78, P’10
Dr. Norman Shachat C’54
Mr. David L. Shaffer G’02
Mr. Suketu R. Shah C’98
Mrs. Shirley Domb Shalit C’62
Mrs. Anne Reed Shannon C’78
Mr. Al Shapero C’51, P’84
The Rev. William A. Sharp T’47
Mr. Derrick C. Wood C’04 and Ms. Anastasia C. Sheffler-Wood C’04
Mr. Jeffrey L. Sheldon C’78
Mr. Forrest W. Shue, Jr. C’87
Dr. Douglas P. Sieminski C’99 and Ms. Sarah Wolpert Sieminski C’98
Mrs. Linda Wascoe Sievewright C’71
Mr. Michael S. Sigal C’75
Ms. Lydia A. Sigelakis C’84
Dr. Thomas R. Sigmon T’86
Mrs. Doris Silber
Mr. Tom Silver C’70
Mr. Douglas M. Silvestro C’04 and Mrs. Allison Weigang Silvestro C’04
Mr. Sheldon M. Simon P’88 and Mrs. Natalie Simon P’88
Ms. Jan L. Simpson C’75
Ms. Jane E. Simpson C’74
Mr. Michael A. Simpson C’84
Bishop F. Herbert Skeete T’62,’75
Mr. Everett W. Slagle P’98,’03,’08 and Mrs. Kathleen S. Slagle P’98,’03,’08
Dr. Gus J. Slotman P’99 and Mrs. Kathleen Slotman P’99
Mr. Robert E. Smart C’65
The Rev. Dr. William G. Smartt T’70,’92
Dr. Alfred J. Smetana C’75
Mrs. Dawn Z. Smith G’80
The Rev. Earl M. Smith T’66
Mr. Nelson M. Smith, Jr. T’64
Dr. and Mrs. Norton Smith P’00
The Rev. Russell D. Smith T’62
Mr. Scott L. Smith C’81
The Rev. Dr. Susan W. Smith G’89,’91 and The Rev. Alan B. Smith T’96
Mr. Michael K. Smullen C’03
Dr. Robert K. Smyth T’76
Mr. Eugene P. Snyder C’58
Mrs. Ann Stallard Sobine C’80
Dr. Howard F. Solomon C’70
Ms. Lori Silverstein Solomon C’85
The Rev. Charles L. Sorg C’49
Mrs. Elise Jeckert Sorge C’86
Mr. David B. Soule C’69
Mr. W. Donald Sparks C’55
The Rev. Robert J. Spears T’58
The Rev. Wendy B. Spector T’99
The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey B. Spence T’74
Mr. Timothy J. Sperry C’77
Ms. Moira A. Spillane C’93
Mr. James M. Spitler C’72
Ms. Jeanne Taylor Springmann C’68
Dr. Gangadhar S. Sreepada C’97 and Ms. Catherine Corcoran Sreepada C’97
Mrs. Margaret Holder Staarman C’68
Mr. Peter C. Stairiker C’88
Dr. Gary L. Stanton C’73
Dr. I. Carroll Starling, Jr. T’65
Mr. Horst A. Staudner C’88
Mrs. Eleanor Sheldon Stearns C’57
The Hon. Gary S. Stein
Dr. Kurt H. Stern C’48
Mr. Michael L. Stern C’80, T’84
Dr. Robert C. Stern C’59
Mr. Kenneth R. Stevens, Jr. C’63 and Mrs. Barbara Eichhorn Stevens C’65
Ms. Oona A. Stieglitz C’79
Mr. Paul R. Stierhoff C’82 and Mrs. Valerie Russo Stierhoff C’85
Dr. Roger C. Stimson, Jr. T’54 and Mrs. Mary Light Stimson C’53
Mr. Paul T. Stone C’56, P’79 and Mrs. Nancy Stone P’79
Dr. John H. Stoneburner T’61, G’69 and Mrs. Carol Lewis Stoneburner C’60
Dr. Gregory Straub T’90
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Strauss
The Rev. Dr. Charles H. Straut, Jr. C’58, T’62,’77, P’81,’84,’91 and Mrs. Judith Hawkins Straut C’58, P’81,’84,’91
Dr. Gail A. Streete G’81,’83
Ms. Mary A. Stringfield C’70
Ms. Diane S. Strom C’76
Dr. Morton Rosenberg and Dr. Shirley Sugerman G’70
Mr. Shawn K. Sullivan C’93 and Mrs. Jennifer Downey Sullivan C’93
Mr. Matthew V. Suriano C’98
Mrs. Laurie Tassinari Sutherland C’81
Mr. Sten G. Svensson C’54 and Mrs. Audrey Chapin Svensson C’56
Dr. Edwin A. Swenson T’62 and Mrs. Judith Swanson Swenson C’61
Mrs. Renee Ferrara Szkubiel C’99
Mr. Thomas P. Tani C’78
The Rev. Sidney S. Tate T’60 and Mrs. Enid Smith Tate C’59
Mr. Oliver B. Taylor C’65
Ms. Wendy Lieberman Taylor C’90
Mr. Jonathan Tell C’62
Mr. Chad H. Tendler C’01
Mr. David R. Terdiman C’89
Miss Donna K. Thiel C’79
Dr. Anne N. Thomas G’81,’84
Mr. David A. Thomas C’72
Mr. Robert L. Thomas C’68
Mr. Roger F. Thomas C’65
Ms. Susan Hammon Tice C’91
Dr. Jay Tittman C’44
Ms. Susan E. Tobin C’72
Ms. Jennifer Hicks Tocco C’00
Mrs. Nathan Todaro P’87
The Rev. Dr. John L. Topolewski T’70,’75 and the Rev. Dr. Nancy E. Topolewski G’90,’93
Dr. James G. Towler T’54
Ms. Constance K. Tucker P’95
The Rev. Richard K. Tutterow T’64 and Mrs. Patricia Graybeal Tutterow C’64
Ms. Julia L. Ulreich C’91
The Rev. Warren C. Underwood T’66
Mr. John D. Urbach, II C’97
Dr. Arturo A. Valenzuela C’65 and Ms. Kathryn Mudge
Ms. Anne M. Valliere C’73
Dr. Gustav K. Van Tassel T’55
Mr. William H. Vande Water C’66 and Mrs. Barbara Parker Vande Water C’66
The Rev. Ronald Vander Schaaf C’56, T’59
Ms. Alexandra Vanderclock T’65
Dr. Kathleen Finley Vandiver C’71
Dr. James P. Veatch T’61
Mr. Richard S. Fiore and Ms. Jennifer G. Velez C’87
Mr. Michael Veloric C’78
Ms. Denise M. Vigani C’02
Dr. Donald J. Vigliotti C’81 and Dr. Kathy J. Selvaggi
Ms. Eva M. Vogel
Mr. Glenn N. Wagner C’78
Mr. William H. Wahlers C’79
Dr. Martha Borges Waite C’84
Sara B. Waldron T’85
Dr. Dale F. Walker T’62 and Mrs. Alice Chiariello Walker C’60
Ms. Susan Vroman Walker C’67
The Rev. Thomas J. Walker T’63
Ms. Margaret Walsh G’86
Mrs. Jessica Fulginiti Waltman C’96
Ms. Cynthia L. Waneck C’83
Mr. Kai-ping C. Wang C’96
The Rev. Pauline Wardell-Sankoh T’97
Mr. Richard B. Waring C’77
Dr. Robert J. Warwick C’61 and Dr. Gretchen Zimmerman Warwick C’62
Dr. Jean Van Der Wende Wasko C’66
The Rev. Merry Watters T’86
Ms. Carole Cummings Webb C’68
The Rev. Wyatt J. Weeks T’53
Mr. Robert L. Wegner C’59
Ms. Deborah Holt Weil C’74
Ms. Sandra Weingarten C’68
Mrs. Arlee Feldman Weiss C’74 and Mr. Richard Weiss
Ms. Donna Ayres Weitz C’93
Mr. Converse M. West C’53
Mrs. Marianne Anderson Westfall C’64
Mrs. Patricia Gee Whitney C’62
Mr. Richard E. Whittaker C’69
Mrs. Mary D. Wickliffe C’77
Mr. Mirko H. Widenhorn C’00
Ms. Constance Cappe Williams C’56
The Rev. James L. Williams T’64
Mr. Leon A. Williams C’82
Mrs. Prunella Read Williams C’56
The Rev. Dr. Robert J. Williams G’83
The Rev. John A. Wilson T’63
Ms. Marti B. Winer C’97
Mrs. Jane Teare Winfrey C’53
Mr. Carl W. Winner C’76
Ms. Anna-Beth Winograd C’85
The Rev. David A. Winslow T’71,’74
Dr. Laura Winters C’79, G’87,’90
Mr. Robert F. Winton C’69
Mr. Robert L. Wittenstein C’81
Mrs. Jean Dombo Wolff C’55
Ms. Janet P. Wong C’00
Mr. Robert S. Wood C’68
Ms. Anne P. Woodbury C’73
Mr. Andrew H. Woodcome C’61
Mr. George V. Woodrow, III C’67 and Ms. Marjess Leighton C’66
The Rev. Nelson C. Woody T’54 and Mrs. Ruth Smith Woody C’57
Mrs. Doris Ramagli Wright C’56
Dr. Franklin K. Wyman G’01,’06,’09, P’12 and Mrs. Deborah A. Wyman P’12
The Rev. Dr. Edward J. Wynne, Jr. T’62 and Mrs. Bonnie R. Wynne
Ms. Beth Yingling C’77
The Rev. L. David York, Jr. T’65
The Rev. Carolyn Younts T’57
Ms. Karen M. Zaretski C’80
Mr. Charles T. Zeleny C’03 and Ms. Kristen E. Zeleny C’04
Mrs. Jeanne T. Zenker
Dr. Edward D. Zinbarg G’98,’99 and Mrs. Barbara L. Zinbarg
The Rev. John D. Zondag T’55
Mrs. Diane C. Zsombik G’97
Mr. Marc E. Zukovich C’80, P’13

Cambium Club

Cambium Club

Consecutive giving for five to nine fiscal years

Dr. Sarah K. Abramowitz
Dr. Betty Livingston Adams T’05
Mrs. Roberta Gallagher Adams C’63
Ms. Karen M. Adamson C’00
Mr. Victor A. Afanador C’95 and Mrs. Dawn Wilczynski Afanador C’97
Mr. Gregory A. Aikman C’83
The Rev. Dr. Gabriel O. Akinbode T’07,’13 and Mrs. Grace O. Akinbode
Dr. Therese M. Alban C’91
Dr. Huey Alcaro G’02
Mr. Willard E. Alexander, Jr. C’68
Dr. Kenneth Alexo, Jr.
Mr. John J. Allen C’65
Ms. Eve English Allison C’75
Ms. Jill C. Anderson
Mr. Royce R. Anderson C’69, T’75
Mr. Joseph J. Angeletti
Anonymous (4)
Ms. Michelle DeVaux Arling C’02
Dr. B. Franklin Auld, Jr. C’46, P’70
Dr. Harry M. Baer P’06 and Mrs. Barbara Weiner Baer C’75, P’06
Mr. J. Keith Baicker C’82 and Mrs. Mary Rossi Baicker C’82
The Rev. M. Stanley Bain T’62
Ms. Barbara Barefield C’68
Mr. Kevin M. Barney C’83
Mr. Andrew M. Baron C’81
Ms. Pamela Bloch Barroway C’86
Ms. Jacquelyn Pizanie Barth C’92
Mr. P. Alan Barthel C’67
The Rev. John R. Beaty T’65
Mr. Philippe M. Beekman C’00 and Ms. Kerri Small Beekman C’99, G’05
Ms. Miren E. Beitia C’76
Mr. Robert H. Benacchio C’98
Dr. Debra A. Bennett C’76
The Rev. Dr. Tanya L. Bennett T’00, G’05, T’11
Mrs. Caroline Jacobsen Berdzik C’96
Ms. Sandra L. Bergold C’66
Dr. David W. Berry G’87,’93
Mr. Eugene W. Bicknell C’74
Mrs. MaryEllen J. Bigham C’93
Mr. Samuel Bishop P’01 and Mrs. Mary L. Bishop P’01
Ms. Emily Knox Blitz C’96
Mr. Jeffrey I. Bloomfield C’75
Mr. Lawrence C. Bodden P’13 and Mrs. Patricia A. Bodden P’13
Dr. Christopher J. Boesel
Mr. Mark A. Boffa C’07
Dr. Kenneth A. Bollen C’73
Mr. William R. Bonnell C’64, P’93 and Mrs. Lynn Hannan Bonnell C’65, P’93
Dr. George B. Bourne C’68 and Mrs. Diane Hollerieth Bourne C’70
Mr. Robert H. Bowden G’76
Mr. Corey B. Bower C’04
The Rev. Dr. Richard J. Bower T’65
Ms. Elizabeth A. Bowers C’10
Ms. Shirley Kot Brand C’64
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth P. Braxton T’79
Mr. Edward Breen C’76 and Mrs. Caren Siebert Breen C’77
Mr. Stephen Breitkopf
Mr. Leyland H. Brenner C’94
Dr. Thomas A. Brettell C’73
Ms. Christine E. Bricker C’76
Dr. Theodore R. Bromund
Dr. J. Daniel Brown G’70
Ms. Katherine G. Brown
Mrs. Patricia R. Brown C’13
Ms. Blanche L. Bruce C’74
Mr. Jeffrey M. Bryan C’94
Mr. Jamie M. Bsales C’88
The Rev. Dr. C. David Buchanan T’92
Dr. Donald R. Buckey T’57 and Mrs. Kathryn Hatch Buckey C’58
Mr. Peter H. Bunnell C’89
Mr. Walter P. Burrell C’88 and Mrs. Jane Yarusi Burrell C’90
Mrs. Jane Dugdale Bussard C’69
Ms. Marie A. Cacace G’08
Ms. Linda A. Caleb P’07
Dr. Marilyn B. Callander G’85,’87, A’14 and Mr. Robert J. Callander A’14
Mr. Terence W. Camp C’85
Mr. Thomas W. Parlapiano C’82 and Ms. Judith A. Campbell C’82
Dr. Warren C. Campbell C’55 and Mrs. Marianne Kirchhoff Campbell C’54
Mr. Christopher A. Canarelli C’01
Mr. Alan M. Canino C’77
Ms. Mary F. Caporaso C’82
Mrs. Elisabeth J. Cappuyns C’95
Mr. Lance D. Cassak C’77
The Rev. Wauneta J. Catlett T’94
Ms. Cynthia A. Cavanaugh G’03
Maria A. Cestone, Esq. C’93
Mr. Ralph M. Cestone P’93
Ms. Katharine G. Chambers C’09
Mr. R. Robinson Chance, Jr. C’50
The Rev. William T. Cherry T’53
Mr. Philip E. Chisholm C’71
Mrs. Kathryn K. Christenson P’91
Sister Donna L. Ciangio T’03
Ms. Susan A. Clark C’84
Ms. Cathy E. Clarke
Ms. Cristina Cobb C’90
Ms. Debra Wands Collins C’88
Mr. J. Paul Comiskey C’63
Ms. Vanessa A. Connelly C’05
Mrs. Marlene Berger Connor C’78
Dr. Angela B. Conrad G’97,’99 and Mr. Roberto Osti
Mr. Patrick J. Conroy P’04 and Mrs. Sheila A. Conroy P’04
The Rev. Dr. Cathy Cook T’02
Dr. David A. Cowell C’61, P’90 and Mrs. June Kamen Cowell C’61, P’90
Mr. Gregory F. Crawford C’86
Mr. Joel Crepea P’11 and Mrs. Shirley Crepea P’11
Mr. Dean T. Criares C’85 and Mrs. Karen Mayrose Criares
Ms. Eloise Crocker C’63
Ms. Carmen S. Cuadrado C’68
The Rev. Dr. G. Wayne Cummings T’55
Mr. Shaun Curry C’82 and Mrs. Linda Corson Curry C’81
Mrs. Janice L. Czelusta C’72
Dr. Carol Ann Dalto P’11 and Ms. Susan Swan P’11
Mr. Bain H. Davis C’64, T’68, P’91,’93 and Mrs. Marjorie Hawes Davis C’66, P’91,’93
The Rev. Dr. Julia S. Dawson T’96,’08
Ms. Sandra De Cristofaro C’83
Dr. O. C. Dean, Jr. T’62
Mr. Michael Dee G’05
Mrs. Lynne S. Delade C’12
Ms. E. Sandra Deming C’68
Dr. Christopher M. Dente C’94
The Rev. Dr. David H. DeRemer T’06
Mrs. Dorothy Strout deSilva C’57
Ms. Linda M. DeTitta
Ms. Lynn Sayles Devereux
Ms. Cathleen M. Devlin C’90
Ms. Janet L. Dewar C’71
Ms. Robin H. Diamond C’82
Mr. Thomas J. DiMartino C’96 and Ms. Mary Elizabeth Budzik DiMartino C’99
Mr. Joseph DiMiceli
Dr. Maureen O’Neill P’12 and Mr. Joseph Dobkowski, Jr. P’12
Ms. Meredith A. Dolan C’10
Mr. Rocco A. Donadio P’94 and Mrs. Maria A. Donadio P’94
Mrs. Patricia E. Dow
Mr. Nathan H. Draper C’91
Ms. Maria L. Draucikas C’01
Ms. Elizabeth Lawthers Dreselly C’54
Dr. Joshua A. Drew C’98
Mr. Robert L. Duffy C’86
Ms. Jennifer A. Dugan C’08
Mr. John Duh and Ms. Jyy-Chiang Duh
Mrs. Lynn Prohaska Dunlop C’74
Mr. Douglas M. Dunnan
Mrs. Ethel B. R. Eaddy-Thomas C’77
Mr. Scot P. Ebner C’01, G’11 and Mrs. Kaylynn M. Ebner C’01
The Rev. Robert M. Eddy T’56
The Rev. Dr. William W. Elkins G’90,’93 and Dr. Heather M. Elkins G’89,’91
Mrs. Sarah K. Elleman C’05
The Rev. Valerie Tregger Emerson C’76
Mr. Brent A. Englar C’02
Mrs. Ann English
Mr. Robert W. Evans, II C’78
Mr. Stephen M. Ewell C’00
Ms. Amy H. Ewen C’03
Mr. Peter R. Eyes C’71, P’01 and Mrs. Jane Spaeth Eyes C’70, P’01
Mr. Robert E. Fabricant C’85 and Ms. Emilia A. Fabricant C’88
Mr. B. William Fanaras P’04
Dr. Bernard H. Feldman C’55
Dr. Leonard C. Feldman C’61 and Mrs. Elizabeth Gecsey Feldman C’63
Mr. Joseph S. Ferretti C’99
Dr. Joyce L. Ferris G’85
Dr. Danna N. Fewell P’13 and Mr. David Fewell P’13
The Rev. Clifford H. Field, Jr. T’57
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Fingerman P’11
Dr. Sean L. Finnerty C’91
Ms. Evelyn Whitmore Fischel C’76
Ms. Stacy E. Fischer C’89, G’05
The Rev. Millard G. Fisher, III T’79
Ms. Gayle E. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Janis L. Foley T’04
Mr. Philip Fontana G’75
Dr. James R. Ford C’58
Mr. Robert J. Franek C’93 and Mr. Mario Lopez-Cordero
Mrs. Grace M. Frankhouser P’75
Ms. Amy Slate Fridhi C’98
Mr. Evan R. Fuest C’08 and Ms. Jessica Fuest C’08
Mrs. Laura Davis Fuller C’71
Mr. Glenn G. Fulop C’70 and Ms. Sharon L. Tierra C’70
Mr. John C. Fulse, Jr. C’99
Mr. Matthew J. Gallagher C’01
The Rev. Jeffrey B. Gamblee T’06
Ms. Barbara L. Garnish C’91
Dr. Patricia L. Gauch G’83,’88 and Dr. Ronald Gauch
The Rev. Daniel W. Gepford T’07
Ms. Nancy Sternbach Goldman C’84
Mr. Barry J. Goldstein C’69
Mr. Kenneth V. Gomez C’78
Mr. Miguel Gonzalez C’01 and Ms. Elisa Garcia C’03
Mr. Christopher T. Gorab C’00
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Gordon C’92
The Rev. Lamont S. Granby T’02
Ms. Lynne Wells Graziano C’87
Mr. Kenneth E. Grebenstein C’75
Dr. Maurice Green C’58 and Mrs. Gisele Rosin Green C’58
Mr. Adam S. Greenberg C’96
The Rev. Dr. William B. Grossman, Jr. T’68,’82
Mr. Christopher R. Grygo C’98
Ms. Linda Adams Guella C’93
Mrs. Diana Gulick C’68
The Rev. Dr. Harold R. Gunsalus T’95
Ms. Rainuka Gupta
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gurland
Ms. Susan Erhardt Hackett C’70
Mrs. Elizabeth S. S. Haeussler T’93
Ms. Anne Hagstrom C’08
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth S. Hall T’84
The Rev. Hugh B. Hamilton T’02
Dr. Raymond G. Hampton T’91
Ms. Barbara J. Handy C’65
Mr. Geoffrey L. Handy C’88
Dr. Elizabeth A. Haradon C’79
Dr. Stephen D. Harper C’77 and Mrs. Cheryl Rosenbaum Harper C’76
Mr. Gregory A. Harrington C’92
Ms. Barbara Harris
Dr. Milton R. Hartenstine T’77
Mr. Adam M. Hartfield C’93
The Rev. John H. Hartley T’54
Dr. E. Dale Harward T’82
Mr. and Mrs. Gates H. Hawn
Mr. Peter F. Headley C’59 and Mrs. Joan Della-Cerra Headley C’60
Ms. Deborah K. Heimel C’00
Ms. Holly A. Helton C’71
Mrs. Elizabeth Hatch Hemkes C’55
Ms. Erin A. Hennessy C’95
Mrs. Patricia B. Herman P’98
Ms. Susan London Herman C’89
Mrs. Carole Wyke Higginbotham C’67
Mr. James A. Hill C’56
Ms. Jessica C. Hiller C’10
Mr. Andrew Cohen P’12 and Ms. Gabriele Hiltl-Cohen P’12
Mrs. Mary Zaffin Hitchcock C’65
The Rev. Dr. Lisa Jean Hoefner C’75, P’91, T’06
Ms. Mirais M. Holden C’10
Dr. Linda L. Holt G’02, P’95
Mrs. Alice S. Horton C’72
Mr. Timothy J. Housley C’67, P’01 and Mrs. Kathleen Housley P’01
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Huff P’98
Dr. Herbert B. Huffmon
Mr. Malcolm L. Hulslander C’61
Ms. Katherine H. Hunter T’94
Mr. Kenneth G. Hydock, Esq. P’10 and Mrs. Denyse Hydock P’10
Mr. Anthony C. Infanti C’90
Mr. Stephen D. Jacobson C’68 and Mrs. Gail Kindall Jacobson C’71
The Rev. William M. Jannusch T’72
The Rev. Cheryl T. Jensen T’90
Ms. Amanda B. Johnson C’90
Bishop Peggy A. Johnson and the Rev. Michael C. Johnson
Ms. Sarah Lewis Johnson C’91
Dr. Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
Mr. Michael L. Johnston C’82 and Mrs. Corinne Wolkoff Johnston C’82
Ms. Christen E. Jones C’06
The Rev. Elizabeth Jones T’05
The Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson T’09, P’15 and The Rev. Dr. Gary V. Simpson P’15
Mr. Marc Joseph C’48
Dr. Lynne Judd G’99
Ms. Barbara Kafka
Mr. Costas A. Kaiafas C’89
Ms. Mimi E. Kaplan C’84
Mr. Barry M. Kazan C’91
The Rev. Dr. Fred S. Kelsey T’63,’86
The Rev. Mark A. Kennedy C’85
The Hon. and Mrs. Ellwood R. Kerkeslager
Dr. Jon R. Kettenring
Mr. Craig W. Keyworth C’80
Dr. Richard L. Kiefer C’59
Mr. David A. Kimmel C’01
Mr. Jeffrey H. King C’72
Mrs. Carolyn Reiner Kinsley C’64
Mr. Michael L. Klaschka C’91
Mrs. Helen Croyle Klein C’68
Ms. Jayme R. Klein C’05
Mr. James E. Knapp P’99 and Mrs. Peggy Knapp P’99
Mr. Lawrence J. Knickerbocker C’79
Mrs. Rita Hurt Kobran C’68
Ms. Helen I. Kohler C’72
Mr. Albert Kolb, Jr. C’73
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kollin
Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Korf P’08
Mrs. Susan Crowley Kovarovics C’93
Ms. Judith Smith Kozzi C’64
Ms. Kay Kribs G’08
Mr. Jason S. Kroll C’94
Ms. Susan Jann Krumm C’77
Mr. Ryosuke Kuroki C’08
The Rev. Dr. Jisun Kwak T’94, G’99, T’11
Mrs. Mary Ellen McKinley Ladd C’88
Ms. Michelle L. Lamb C’91
Mr. Joseph Lamberti, Jr. C’98 and Mrs. Maureen Cadigan Lamberti C’99
Mr. William W. Landis, III C’85 and Mrs. Meredith Landis
Ms. Karen Landrigan
Dr. John D. Lane T’91
The Rev. William A. Lang C’67, G’88
Ms. Madeleine E. LaPenta C’08
Mr. Sean L. Larkin C’93 and Ms. Vita Martino Larkin C’96
Mr. Philip J. Launer C’43, P’79 and Mrs. Arden Launer P’79
Ms. Donna L. Laverdiere C’70, P’09 and Mr. James Katz P’09
Mr. Eamon M. Lavin C’89
Mr. William C. Layton, III C’85, G’90
Mr. Evin Lederman C’91
The Rev. David S. LeDuc C’82, T’85
Dr. Hwain C. Lee T’99 and Dr. William Lee
Ms. Jane W. Lefferts C’82
Mr. Grant F. Lenahan C’83
Ms. Kristin D. Leskowits C’08, G’09, G’12
Mr. Gregory M. Leuser C’77
Dr. Christine Tarby Lilly C’89
Mr. David G. Lindroth C’66, P’08 and Mrs. Page C. Lindroth P’08
Ms. Carla Bober Luca C’01
Mr. Andrew Macdonald C’80
Dr. John A. MacDougall T’85
Ms. Dayna A. Macy C’81
Mr. Neil P. Manning C’95
Ms. Marvel Richards Mansfield C’61
Mr. John Marcarelli C’77
Mr. Michael C. Mark P’93 and Mrs. Carol Mark P’93
Mr. Adam A. Marmelstein C’96
Mr. Stephen J. Marotta C’01 and Dr. Lauren Campbell Marotta C’03
Ms. Vanessa A. Martyniuk G’06
Dr. Wendy C. Matt C’81
Ms. Karen L. Maxfield C’83
Dr. Robert G. Maxfield
Mr. Michael R. Richichi C’91 and Ms. Sherryl A. McBride C’91
Mrs. Ginger Mark McCabe C’69
The Rev. Dr. Johnnie G. McCann T’93,’95,’01
Ms. Martina Nowak McElroy C’89
Dr. Lane C. McGaughy T’65
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McHale P’11
Ms. Amy C. McHugh C’10
Dr. David W. McIntyre C’86 and Mrs. Margaret Kendziora McIntyre C’86
Dr. Robert L. McKee C’54
Mrs. Donna Twohey McKellick C’70
Mr. Michael B. McKitish
Mrs. Virginia Tyler McNair C’48
Mrs. Joan C. McQuillan P’91
Mr. Otto K. Melchior C’82
Dr. Ruth B. Melon G’09
Mr. and Mrs. S. Jay Mermelstein
Ms. Nancie L. Merritt C’81
Mrs. Barbara Jordan Mertins C’53
Mr. G. Nicholas Mestanas C’85
Mr. John D. Miano C’74
Dr. John R. Middleton G’98 and Dr. Jo Ann Middleton G’82,’87
Mr. John J. Miller C’76
Ms. Sandra A. Miller C’86
Ms. Mindy Taubel Mintz C’80
Mr. Jonathan P. Mollod C’93
Mr. Lawrence Mone P’13,’16 and Mrs. Kathleen Mone P’13,’16
The Rev. Dr. David J. Montanye T’79,’07
The Rev. Joy E. Mounts T’05
Ms. Elizabeth E. Munsey C’91
Mr. Liam L. Murphy C’76
Dr. N. Samuel Murrell G’86,’88 and Mrs. Joy Taffe Murrell C’84
Dr. Emily Musil Church C’00
Mr. Joshua A. Myers C’03 and Mrs. Diane K. Myers C’06
Mr. Tim H. Napier, III P’11 and Ms. Barbara-Jan Wilson P’11
Mr. Robert H. Nemeroff C’78
Mr. Brian R. Nichols C’09
Dr. Donald N. Nichols T’80
Dr. Catherine B. Nicholson G’99,’07
Dr. Mary-Ellen B. Nicholson G’08
Ms. Lauren A. Nicoll C’04
Ms. Jill Graffagnino Nitkinas C’98
Mr. Charles J. Nolet, Jr. C’80 and Mrs. Elizabeth King Nolet C’84
Mr. Edgar A. Norton C’53
Mr. Joseph C. Noto C’95 and Mrs. Maureen H. Noto
Mr. Matthew R. Nowak C’92
Dr. James H. Nuner C’58
Mr. Dale K. O’Brien C’71
Mr. Dennis M. O’Connor C’89
Dr. Jodi L. O’Donnell C’00
Mr. Scott J. O’Shea C’83
Mr. Justin T. Offermann C’12
The Rev. Dr. Karen P. Oliveto C’80, G’91,’02
Dr. Carl L. Olson, Jr. T’70, G’77
Ms. Ruth Epping Olsson C’60
Dr. Melville W. Osborne C’52
Ms. Jennifer Otto C’00
Ms. Eileen M. Overbaugh C’06
Mr. John Overdeck and Ms. Laura B. Overdeck
The Rev. John D. Painter T’69
Mr. David S. Palmer C’85 and Ms. Mary N. Gleason C’87
Dr. Katherine M. Parisky C’94
Mr. Anthony Patino C’85
The Rev. Dale E. Pepper T’87
Dr. Amy E. Perkins C’94
Dr. Wendy K. Perriman G’00,’01,’03
Ms. Allison Fissel Perry C’02
Dr. Jude M. Pfister G’07 and Mrs. Miriam R. Pfister
Dr. Robert L. Phyliky C’58
Ms. Lori Pierce C’00
Ms. Karen Poppel
The Rev. Dr. Harold E. Posey T’58
Mr. Kevin A. Post C’82 and Mrs. Marinanci Nebel Post C’82
Dr. Gary C. Powell C’87
Ms. Susan L. Powers C’73
The Rev. R. Bruce Poynter T’51 and Mrs. Karolyn Ward Poynter C’51
Mr. Eric A. Purcell C’99 and Ms. Jessica A. Purcell C’99
Mr. Todd A. Purdy C’02
Mr. Frederic P. Putnam P’14 and Mrs. Penny Putnam P’14
Mr. Ryan F. Quick C’09
Mrs. Carol Koziar Radis C’70, P’05 and Mr. Richard P. Radis P’05
Dr. Domenick N. Randazzo C’86
Mr. William W. Randolph P’03 and Mrs. Lynda L. Randolph P’03
Dr. Jerry D. Rankin C’61 and Mrs. Judith Koster Rankin C’61
Dr. Ronald S. Rankin C’64
Mrs. Louise Lerner Rapkin C’56
Mr. and Mrs. Janardan Raval P’91
Mr. Michael C. Ravensbergen C’80
Dr. Robert Ready
Mrs. Meredith Dole Reed C’70
Ms. Katharine Templin Reichert C’63 and Mr. J. Derek Teare
The Rev. Cindy Schoneman Rettig C’79, T’83
Dr. Marvin I. Rice C’65
Mr. Trenor A. Rice, III C’78
Dr. David Riffe T’90
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ringler
Ms. Nicole Freundlich Rinklin C’78
Mrs. Ann Moodey Ritzer C’49
The Rev. Edgardo Rivera T’01
Mr. Roberto Rizzi C’07
Dr. Diane Roazen C’75
Mr. Mauricio Rodriguez C’97
Mr. Gregory Rogers
The Rev. John A. Rollins T’68
Dr. Raul J. Rosales C’99
Mrs. Adma Schneller Ross C’59, T’01
Mr. Timothy G. Rothwell C’72
Drs. Ted and Sherry Rotunda C’93
The Rev. Dr. Douglas W. Ruffle C’73, G’93,’96
Ms. Elizabeth Gentile Ruffle C’73
Mr. Glenn S. Ruskin C’78 and Mrs. Ann Marie Scarafile Ruskin C’79
Ms. Jennifer L. Rutberg C’91
Ms. Cynthia Anderson Ryan C’96
Ms. Helen T. Ryan
Ms. Sabina Sabados C’03
Mr. Aaron N. Sack and Ms. Amanda T. Oberg
Dr. Lawrence J. Sacks C’52 and Mrs. Ruth Lubert Sacks C’55
Ms. Ayako Sairenji G’02
Mr. Christopher M. Sakalosky C’94
Dr. Ronald J. Saldarini C’61 and Mrs. Suzanne Thomas Saldarini C’62
Mr. Joseph S. Sara C’90 and Ms. Michelle E. Gaseau C’90
Mr. Rick Sayles
Mr. Marc S. Scarduffa C’86
Mr. Richard Schild P’11 and Mrs. Deborah Geeding-Schild P’11
Mr. Sidney G. Schlosser C’49
Dr. Peter F. Schnatz C’86
Bishop John R. Schol and Mrs. Beverly A. Schol
Mr. Mark G. Schultz C’77, P’09 and Mrs. Deidre Schultz P’09
Ms. Jennifer L. Scott C’91
The Rev. Richard L. Sears C’60 and Mrs. Janice Becker Sears C’61
The Rev. Dr. Jeffery A. Seeley T’81
Mr. David A. Seid C’85
Dr. Heinz Seltmann C’49
Mr. Anthony G. Sena C’99
Ms. Wendy A. Shadpour
Dr. Jacqueline Buckman Shahzadi C’64
Dr. Donald W. Shaner G’70
Mr. Robert Shanks P’13 and Mrs. Margaret M. Shanks P’13
Mr. Arthur Shapiro C’52
Ms. Susan E. Sharp C’84
Mr. Ray Sheikh
Mrs. Janet Mitchell Sheppard C’63
The Rev. Drue A. Sherman T’67
Mr. Brian M. Shinkle C’97 and Ms. Janine M. Shinkle C’97
Dr. Amy E. Sickel C’89 and Mr. William Burwell C’89
Mr. Thomas E. Sidie P’07 and Mrs. Karen M. Sidie P’07
Mr. Kirk M. Sigel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Simmons P’04
Mr. David E. Sizemore C’90
Mr. Aaron C. Smith C’98
Mr. Christopher B. Smith C’91
Mr. Lyndon C. Smith C’61 and Ms. Lois Fasula Smith C’62
Mrs. Patricia Dailey Smith C’63, P’93
The Rev. Sidney R. Smith, Jr. T’06
Dr. Richard R. Smyth C’55
Mr. Craig Snydal
Mr. David A. Snyder C’98
Mr. John H. Soler C’75
Rabbi Rav A. Soloff G’67
Ms. Suzanne Mertz Spero C’91
Mr. Richard H. Spire C’93 and Mrs. Tami Lynn Hineline Spire C’94
Bishop John S. Spong
The Rev. Ralph E. Spoor, Jr. C’45, T’48
Mr. Martin G. Staffaroni C’71 and Mrs. Jana Ferretti Staffaroni C’73
Mr. William E. Stanford C’62 and Mrs. Mimi A. Stanford
Mrs. Gale Spates Stevenson C’64
Ms. Connie Cannizzo Stewart C’84
The Rev. Everett L. Stewart T’63
Dr. Frank A. Stith, III T’83
Mr. John Stobierski C’82
Dr. Gerald T. Stone T’75
Mr. Robert J. Strobel, Jr. C’74
Ms. Hillary J. Strong C’00
Dr. Madeleine J. Sullivan G’03
Dr. Christopher P. Taggart C’89
Mrs. Catherine Manobianco Talarico C’87
Mr. Michael J. Talarico C’01
Mrs. Faith Wilson Teeple C’67
Mr. Robert F. Terlizzi C’76
Mr. Jerry Theise C’49
Mrs. Bertha Thompson
The Rev. Dr. John R. Thompson T’68
Mr. James F. Titus, Sr. P’89 and Mrs. Janice S. Titus P’89
Dr. J. Terry Todd
The Rev. Dr. Neill Tolboom T’02
The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine T’95,’04
Dr. David R. Trauffer T’66,’89
Mr. Timothy E. Troll C’73
Mrs. Carol McAlevey Troy C’68
Mr. Takashi Tsukamoto C’01
Mr. Nathaniel B. Tucker C’95
Mr. Andrew M. Tyler T’07
Mr. John E. Tyler C’64
Mrs. Joan Cain Underwood C’52
Mr. Levon Utidjian
Mr. Stephen J. Valerio C’93
Ms. Vanessa L. Van Brunt C’92
Dr. Frank R. Van Develder G’67, A’10 and Mrs. Mary B. Van Develder A’10
Dr. Kenneth R. Vander Have C’90
The Rev. Donald B. Wahlig T’09
Ms. Sandra S. Waibel T’00
Mr. Stephen E. Waldron C’66
Mr. Allen D. Walker C’96
Dr. Monika M. Walters C’88
Mr. Dennis R. Wanless C’78
The Rev. Dr. Donald L. Weaver T’79
Ms. Lucy S. Webb C’93
Mrs. Debra Silberman Weinberg C’82
Dr. Marc H. Weiner C’80
Mr. Andrew Weintraub
Dr. H. Alden Welch T’76
Mrs. Mary Lodge Wells C’64
Mrs. Gisela Kluetz Wemple C’62
Mr. Ronald A. Wendt C’64
Ms. Margaret M. Wenzel A’13
The Rev. James A. Wert T’59
Mr. Gordon White
Mr. Thomas Whitford P’13 and Mrs. Beverly Whitford P’13
Dr. David E. Wiley, III T’75, T’76
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilkens P’88
Mr. Stephen Wilkowski G’94
Mrs. Anne Loeser Wisnewski C’84
Ms. Maurie Brewer Wiswell C’96
Dr. Edmond Y. Wong
Dr. Bruce C. Woolley C’67
Mr. Daniel J. Wright C’01
The Rev. Jun Yoshimatsu T’91
Mr. Stephen P. Zakroff G’92
Ms. Maryann Zaleski C’03
Mr. Derek M. Ziegler C’98

Italicized name indicates donor is deceased.