Each semester the McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services offers counseling and support groups.  Groups are often the ideal treatment for a variety of difficulties and problems.   Please call x3398 (973-408-3398) for more information.

If you would like to be in a group, but what you want is not being offered, then call Counseling and Psychological Services at x3398. We will see if we can design a counseling or support program specifically to assist you.


Some of our groups have not been scheduled yet. Use the following link to indicate your availability–> My Availability for Group Counseling

This semester we offer the following group(s):

Wednesday Lunchtime Drop-In Mindfulness Meditation: for students,staff and faculty meets in The Space in the Ehinger Student Center (EC). No experience necessary. This is an open group. You can drop in to participate whenever you like – no commitments because no one needs even more stress.
Contact: Carol Gernat @ 973-408-3984 or from on campus at x3384; or email her at cgernat@drew.edu.

Undergraduate Interpersonal: for undergraduate students looking to grow and develop in a supportive environment. Concerns related to peers/friendships, romantic relationships, family, academic pressures, and general life decisions can be addressed.
973-408-3398 and ask for Jim Mandala (jmandala @ drew.edu) or Jon Murakami (jmurakami@drew.edu).

Managing Your Mood Group for students with depression, dysthymia, or bipolar disorder.
Call 973-408-3398 to set up a screening appointment.

Conquering Anxiety and Fear for students who struggle with with worry, anxiety or panic.  Students will learn specific techniques for managing their anxiety and their life in a supportive, open group. This group can help with general anxiety, social phobias, panic attacks, Call 973-408-3398 to set up a screening appointment.


Eating and Food issues: for students who may be struggling with an eating disorder or an obsession with food and body image. This is an interpersonal group that focuses on support and the cultivation of healthy interpersonal relationships and the management of symptoms.
Contact: Jim Mandala @ 973-408-3398 or from on campus at 3398; or email jmandala @ drew.edu.

Ph.D. (Phinish your Degree): Pursuing a doctoral degree often presents a diverse mix of feelings and experiences that can range from ultra-high anxiety to the rare kind of joy associated with high-end accomplishments. This group is offered to doctoral students, at any stage in the process, who would like a safe and confidential place to share their thoughts, fears, and, at times, advice.  And, it’s for those feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused or immobilized by the dissertation process from prospectus through defense.  Discover how to focus, relax, be productive, and meet your goals with group support.
Contact: Carol Gernat @ 973-408-3384 or from on campus at x3984; or email her at cgernat@drew.edu.

For information regarding AA, SMART, Alanon, or other anonymous groups
Contact: Audra x3318 (atonero@drew.edu)

For information regarding off-campus groups, off-campus individual counseling, pastoral counseling, or psychiatrists
Contact: x3398

Time and place of each group will be announced when the group is ready to run.  Thank you.