Get a live feed from Twitter on your page.




  • one of the following
    • account: twitter name
    • search: search term
      • title: the title of the widget – only used on a search
      • caption: a caption for the widget – only used on a search
  • align: (left, right, none (default))
  • width: width of widget in # of pixels (250 by default)
  • limit: # – number of tweets to show (defaults to 8)
  • scrollbar: (true (default), false)
  • avatar: (true, false (default)) – show user avatars
  • live: (true, false (default)) – auto-update the feed live on the page


A Widget with Default Options

[twitter account="drewuniversity"]

Aligned Right with Avatars, a Search Term, Caption & Live Updates

[twitter search="drew university" align="right" title="search for Drew University" caption="I am a caption" avatar="true" live="true"]