Please review the following pages to help you use WordPress, our content management system, to its fullest. This page will grow as we come up with more tips, tricks and other tools so be sure to bookmark it and check back periodically.

A Perfect Example Page

Review this page for an example of how to lay out your content in a professional, engaging way that fits in with Drew’s university-wide branding.


The current colors we’re using on the site are:

  • menu #719bbc in the menu
  • footer1 #456b89 & footer2 #224f74 in the footer
  • green #90a632 as an accent green

How-to Videos

Step-by-step video reminders of how to do basic WordPress tasks.

Need help that’s not covered in WordPress Training? Looking to overhaul your site completely? Contact the webmaster’s office.

Need additional instruction after watching these videos? Call the University Technology Service Center at 973-408-4357.

Short Codes

We’ve developed some special tags called short codes, which lets users with no knowledge of html do useful things like columns, tabs, sidebars, and much more. Note this is a bit more advanced, please contact the webmaster if you need any help.