Although each project involves different services and schedules, the following is a general description of the process that applies to all print and digital work:

  1. Requestor submits a Project Request Form. (Please note that work may be requested by Drew employees only.)
  2. Communications staff meets every Tuesday to review requests. Requests are evaluated based on current/expected departmental workload, impact of the project on the University and complexity of the project.  Once a request has been approved, a project manager from the Communications staff will be assigned.
  3. Communications project manager contacts the requestor to clarify needs and goals. In order to prevent delays, key decision-makers in the requesting office must be involved at the beginning of the process.
  4. Communications provides a production schedule based on the receipt of final, approved text. Schedules include up to two rounds of edits. Any additional rounds will extend the production schedule.
  5. Communications provides the first proof to the requestor to review overall design and content, and provide text edits and design feedback.
  6. If necessary, the Communications staff provides a second proof for the requestor to review revisions. Requestor is responsible for reviewing for typographic, grammatical and factual errors.
  7. Communications provides the final proof for approval by the requestor. Projects will not be produced until final approvals are received.
  8. For printed communications, the requestor will receive a printers proof to review color, image placement and other layout concerns. Any content changes at this stage will delay delivery.

Plan Ahead

  1. Submit a Project Request Form as soon as you know the work is needed. This allows the Communications staff to plan its workload and better meet everyone’s needs.
  2. Depending on the amount of work already scheduled, the due date for your project may need to be adjusted. The further ahead you make a request, the more likely you are to receive your project when you need it.

Publications and Other Design Jobs

  • Depending on the complexity of the job, a minimum of four to eight business weeks is required for the design process from the time final, approved, proofread copy is submitted. You may submit text along with the Project Request Form or by e-mail to the assigned project manager.
  • Text is not considered approved until it has been reviewed by the Communications Office which requires at least two business days.
  • Most print jobs require an additional two business weeks once the design process is completed.
  • Mail house services require seven to ten business days; however this does not include postal delivery which may require an additional two to ten business days.


Creative Services is available to coordinate shoots for photos to be used in Drew University marketing materials only. Please request new photographs at least three weeks in advance. We are happy to provide a list of recommended photographers for other photography needs.

You may request a copy of an image from our photography archive for use in Drew University marketing materials only. Please request existing photos at least two weeks in advance.

Digital Communications

Broadcast email is distributed to external audiences to market programs and events intended for alumni, parents and donors. All such projects must be coordinated by the Office of Advancement. Email messages must be requested at least two business weeks in advance of the desired distribution date. Dates may need to be adjusted depending on other communication jobs already in process to minimize overlap for specific audience segments.

Announcements to the campus community are distributed daily through the Drew Today email digest.

Web pages can be created or updated by the Webmaster. Small projects may take one to two weeks depending on current workload. Larger projects will vary based on the complexity of the request.

You may request that news, events or other information of interest to the public be posted on any of Drew’s official social media channels. Final determination about the suitability and timing of posts is at the discretion of the Office of Communications.