Spring 2018

The Department of Campus Recreation recognizes the need for recreational activities at “The University in the Forest”. In accordance with the needs of the students, the Intramural Sports program offers opportunities for the Drew University community to participate in a variety of team and individual sports leagues, as well as single elimination bracket sports and tournaments. The program is designed in a manner that promotes safety, fairness, and opportunity for all to participate. We are dedicated to participant satisfaction, while accommodating a wide range of interests and skill levels. Programs are open to all current Drew University students, faculty and staff.

(Note: Varsity athletes of each sport are not allowed to play in that intramural sport. i.e. Varsity Soccer players cannot play indoor or outdoor soccer. Varsity athletes who are in season cannot participate in any intramural sports during that season.)

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Only current Drew students are permitted to participate in Drew intramural sports.

NCAA men & women’s basketball players are prohibited from participating in spring intramural basketball.


Looking for more players? Email: Recreation@drew.edu

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Player Eligibility

Intramural programs are available to all CURRENT student, faculty and staff. All interested participants must have and account on imleagues.com

To make competition fun and fair the following guidelines have been set in place:

  • Current Varsity Athletes are ineligible to participate in an equivalent sport in the same academic year of their NCAA varsity standing.
  • Anyone that has achieved professional status in any sport is ineligible to participate in an equivalent sport.

Participants may only play on one team per sport.


Campus Recreation Intramural Sports at Drew University holds sportsmanship as “Our Golden Rule of Sport”. Sportsmanship is a great tradition in sports and competition that means playing clean, handling both victory and defeat with grace, style, and dignity, respecting the judgment of referees and officials, and treating opponents with respect. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you.

Captain’s Responsibilities

The captain is a liaison between their team and the Intramural Staff.  Therefore the captain should be a responsible person on the team.  As captain, you should attend the captains’ meeting to learn of the sport rules and league rules.  It’s also when the schedules are discussed and later published.  You will be the spokesperson for your team regarding availability.  This becomes more important for sports that play during the week.  The meeting takes place once per season and is usually the Tuesday after registration closes.  If you are not able to make the meeting, you must send another teammate in your place.

The captains are also the ones called if there is a last minute change to the schedule.   Team/league wide emails with any updates and changes will also be sent, but might not be read in time.   During the contests only the captain can discuss calls with the officials.   For this purpose someone else may be designated as the “game captain” in the absence of the captain or if the captain does not want to take on that tactical responsibility.

Four Reasons Why You Should Do Intramurals

1. They are an amazing stress reliever

Stressed about an upcoming exam? That group project? Your computer that just can’t seem to print? Running around with a bunch of friends can do wonders for reducing your stress level.

2. They provide great exercise

While most college students would like to go to the gym on a regular basis, few actually do. With a predetermined time already in your schedule, your workout is more likely to happen. In addition, you’re less likely to miss your “workout” and the time will pass quicker than if you were alone in the gym.

3. They’re a great way to meet people

You may be getting used to seeing similar people in the courses for your major, in your residence hall, or at the events you go to on campus. Intramurals can be a great way to meet students that you may not otherwise even run into on campus.

4. Incredible Leadership opportunities

Every team needs a captain, right? If you’re looking to build your resume or test out your leadership skills, intramural teams can be a great place to start.

Players Must Read Disclaimer Statement Before Competition

  • I, the Participant, wish to participate in the Intramural Programs during my tenure at Drew University and with the consent of the Drew University Division of Campus Recreation. I understand that my participation is completely voluntary, is not part of the University curriculum, and that I will suffer no penalty or detriment at or through Drew University if I elect not to participate.
  • I understand that my participation in these activities, as with any vigorous physical activity, may subject me to an increased risk of injury or even death. With full knowledge of such risk, I hereby agree to assume all risks associated with my participation in these activities.
  • I hereby agree to be solely responsible for any and all cost or losses including personal injury or property insurance resulting from my participation in these activities.
  • I acknowledge that Drew University has advised me to have a medical examination and to secure adequate medical insurance before I begin to participate in these activities.
  • I hereby assure Drew University that to the best of my knowledge that the current status of my health is such that participation in these activities will not present undue risk of personal injury.
  • In consideration of being allowed to participate in the intramural program sponsored by the division of campus recreation at drew university, i do hereby release and agree forever to hold harmless and indemnify drew university and all its trustees, officers, agents, employees, and assignees from and against any and all responsibility, liability, obligations, claims, demands, and causes of action for negligence or negligent acts, for personal injury or death, property damage, or any other loss sustained through my participation in these activities. The terms hereof shall serve as a release of liability by my heirs, executors, administrators, and all members of my family.
  • I have acknowledged that I have had adequate opportunity to read and understand this disclaimer, and to ask questions about it. All questions I have had have been answered to my satisfaction.