Simon Forum and Athletic Center

Persons under the age of 16 years may not be in the fitness area without prior approval from staff. The Manager On-Duty (MOD) has authority over all fitness area conduct and use of equipment and may expel any user from the facility for failure to follow instructions.  Report any facility-related injury or equipment malfunction immediately to the MOD.  If you have any questions about the use of this facility, please ask the MOD or the Director of Campus Recreation Services.

For your safety, as well as others, we strongly recommend the following safe practices:

  • Shirts must be worn throughout the building with the exception of the pool area.
  • Sneakers must be worn in the fitness and weight rooms.
  • Use extreme caution when lifting weights to avoid potential injury to yourself or others.
  • Spotters are strongly recommended for all overhead lifts using free weights.
  • Do not drop dumbbells and weight plates to the floor.
  • Do not leave weight plates and bars on the floor or leaned against the wall or equipment.
  • Olympic lifts that are performed above the head are not permitted (Clean and Jerk, Snatch).
  • Jeans are not allowed in the Fitness Areas.

The following fitness area etiquette and guidelines will promote an enjoyable and safe experience for all users:

  • Please respect other patrons, staff members, facility and equipment at all times.
  • All patrons must clean equipment immediately after use. Sanitizing cleansers are available throughout the fitness areas. Bringing a clean, dry towel for use while using any equipment in the fitness areas is recommended.
  • Appropriate athletic attire is required.
  • To avoid congestion and waiting lines, patrons should allow others to work in-between sets while using strength training equipment.
  • Day lockers are available for your convenience. Campus Recreation cannot be responsible for personal belongings.
  • No glass bottles allowed in fitness area.
  • All equipment must be returned to its proper location after use.
  • Weight belts that may damage equipment must be removed or covered appropriately.
  • All free weight equipment must be kept in the free weight area.
  • Chalk is not permitted in the free weight area.

Individuals assume a risk of injury or even death while voluntarily electing to participate in physical activity. All participants are strongly encouraged by Campus Recreation to have a health evaluation; consult with their personal physician to determine appropriate fitness level; use good judgment concerning their ability; participate at an appropriate level; and to carry medical insurance coverage.

Guest Policy

Guest passes are day passes, and are only valid on the day of purchase.

All valid ID holders in the Drew community are extended the privilege of bringing one guest at a time.  All guests must be accompanied by a valid ID holder and must register at the Simon Forum Front desk.  After you and your guest arrive, the desk attendant will ask you for your ID card.  Guests are required to fill out the “Awareness, Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk Agreement” and pay the $5.00 guest fee (Checks should be made out to: Drew University, with the “guest pass” in the memo line.  Please make sure that your name and address are on the top, left-hand corner.)

A guest pass will then be issued with the following information: Guest’s Name, Host’s Name, Host’s Drew ID #, Date, and signature of Desk Attendant.  Please remember to hold on to your guest pass.  If your guest would like to to utilize the fitness room, free weight room or pool, or would like to borrow equipment, he or she should present their guest pass to the desk attendant/lifeguard.

Guests must also adhere to the general rules of the building as they relate to proper attire and behavior!

Please Note:

  1. Guests and Drew ID holders under 18 are not eligible to sponsor guests.
  2. Children (ages 16+), spouses and domestic partners of students, faculty and staff  are able to use the Simon Forum without their host present if they possess a valid Drew ID card.  To obtain a free Drew ID card they would have to be accompanied by their host to the Business Office in Tilghman House during their business hours.

Special Needs: Other groups and individuals having special needs not addressed by policies should contact the facility manager at x3650 to verify their eligibility to use the recreational facilities. To ensure sufficient time to review special requests users should submit their inquiry at least two weeks prior to the desired usage date.


Locker Policy

1.  General Men’s/Women’s Locker Room: (1st floor)

Large lockers are for day use only. Locks may be placed on the locker each day that the locker is used, then removed immediately after use that same day.
Small lockers may be used as overnight lockers by valid Drew ID holders. All overnight lockers must be registered at the issue desk near the Simon Forum floor. Lockers must be re-registered prior to beginning of each academic semester.

2.  Faculty/Staff Locker Room: (1st floor)

There are small area’s within the general locker rooms that are designated for current Drew faculty and staff only. This area may be used as an overnight area by faculty and staff, but any locker with a personal lock must be registered at the issue desk with a valid Drew ID.

We ask that faculty and staff using this area use the lockers on the right side of the room.This room will also be used for Varsity teams visiting Drew for varsity events. They will be asked to use the lockers to the left. Please note that during use by visiting teams, this area will be locked and secured.

3.  General Visitor Locker Room (1st floor-outside the pool)

This is a non secure area between the men’s general locker room and the entrance to the pool. This area is designated for use by non-Drew visiting recreational users such as senior swimmers, summer campers, etc. These lockers are for day use only. Locks placed on them must be removed each day.

Valid Drew ID holders may find these lockers a bit larger then the smaller overnight lockers in the general locker rooms and may use this area for overnight use only after registering this use at the issue desk.

4.  Visiting Team Locker Rooms (1st floor)

The men’s and women’s visiting team locker rooms are reserved for use by visiting athletic teams and are designated at the Drew men’s and women’s varsity locker rooms during the winter basketball season.

5.   Drew Varsity Team Locker Rooms (forum floor)

These are for seasonal use of the Drew Varsity teams only.

6.   Athletic Staff Locker Rooms (2nd floor)

These  men’s and women’s athletic staff locker rooms are for use of athletic/physical education staff/ and officials only. Users must reserve a locker thru the facility manager only.

Outdoor Tennis Court Fees (effective 7/1/11)

Tennis Fees for Non-Drew Users:

  • First hour ~ $20.00 per court (singles) or $30.00 per court (doubles)
  • Each additional hour ~ $15.00 per court
  • Season Passes may be purchased for $125.00 and are valid from June 1 – August 31 each season.

For Drew Alumni:

  • First hour ~ $5.00 per person
  • Each additional hour ~ $5.00 per court
  • Free with valid Simon Forum Membership