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Campus Recreation is proud to offer you a pilot series of programs that will teach you life skills you won’t learn in the classroom! We have partnered with Drew offices and Morris County business and organizations to bring great speakers and lecturers to help prepare you for your post-graduation life. This series of programs isn’t restricted to just graduating seniors! Everyone is welcome to come learn from licensed professionals talk about their area of expertise.

 This series of programs isn’t restricted to just graduating seniors! Everyone is welcome to come learn from licensed professionals talk about their area of expertise.

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Schedule of Events (more coming soon!)

Plan Your Spring Break Vacation: Feb 1 @ 6 PM in McLendon Main Lounge
Come learn how to plan the best Spring Break vacation of your LIFE for you and all of your friends. We’ll talk about finding the cheapest modes of transportation, where you’ll stay and most importantly: where you all want to go an how to afford it all!

Branding Yourself: Feb 5 @ 12 PM in EC 109 & Feb 6 @ 6 PM in EC 145
     Learn how to build an effective resume, cover letter, and how to network while developing a professional online presence on Linked In!

Learning to Exercise for Life: Feb 6 @ 5:30 PM. Meet at the front desk of the Simon Forum.
Mike Czech is going to teach you how to start a fitness program whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or if you just want to live a longer, healthier life. He will show you how to use everything in the Simon Forum to achieve your goals.

Professional Communication: Feb 12 @ 6 PM in EC 145
Hear alumni share their experiences and the do’s and don’ts of professional communication across various settings, purposes and audiences. Understand the basic components of a professional resume, cover letter and how to stand out to potential employers.

Intro to 5K/Marathon Running: Feb 22 @ 7 PM. Meet at the front desk of the Simon Forum.
Cross Country Head Coach Zack Mower is going to teach you all the basics if you want to try to run a 5K, half-marathon or tough mudder. From what to eat before, what to wear, how to pace yourself and how to push yourself to complete the whole thing — he’ll teach it all!

Intro to Google Forms: Feb 27 @ 10:30 AM in the Library Academic Commons.
Google Forms is an innovative tool that can be used many ways in the classroom. Gathering information from students, assessing student understanding and gathering data are the most popular ways Forms can be used in the classroom. In this workshop, faculty will learn all the basic technical skills needed to implement this tool to enhance their course curriculum.

Intro to Google Drive: March 14 @ 10:30 AM in the Library Academic Commons
Google Drive is a great set of tools to promote collaboration and facilitate editing and grading of documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Participants will learn the technical skills to use Slides, Sheets and Docs for enhancement of student learning. We will discuss how to apply pedagogical best practices to implement effective assignments.

Learning to Love Networking: Mar 14 @ 6 PM in The Space
Come hear master networker Jack Killion, author of Network: All the Time, Everywhere with Everybody. Learn how to be comfortable talking to anyone in a professional setting. Gain tips and strategies for making contacts and how to build your network. Perfect preparation for the Senior Wine & Cheese Networking Event on March 29th!

Finding and Affording Your First Apartment: Mar 20 @ 6 PM in The Space.
Joe Eberle from Weichert Realty will be coming to campus to teach you where to start looking for your first apartment, the amenities you should want in an apartment, how much you can actually afford to pay for an apartment and what websites you can use to find your first apartment!

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks: March 21 @ 1:30 PM here: at
Tips and tricks for effective formatting in Microsoft Word!
Please join us for a dip into the basic and hidden features of Microsoft Word. Learn about section breaks, em dashes, and time-saving styles.
This webinar can be particularly helpful for those ready to format their dissertations or theses!

How to Go to Grad School: Mar 21 @ 12 PM in EC 145
Learn how to research and consider your options, understand the application process and develop your personal statement.

Acing the Interview: Mar 22 @ 6 PM in EC 145
Hear tips from our alumni panel on how to stand out to employers. Learn about the different types of interviews, how to prepare for a job interview and role play to gain interview experience.

Annual Senior Wine & Cheese Networking Event: Mar 29 @ 7 PM in Mead Hall
Network with Drew Alumni in a variety of career fields. A photographer will be on hand to take professional Linkedin profile photos.

Mastering Your First Interview: Apr 2 @ 6 PM in The Space
This workshop is ideal for college students who are seeking their first “real” job in a competitive job market, and are looking for the necessary tools to make their interviews successful.

Mastering Google Docs: Apr 4 @ 10:30 AM in the Library Academic Commons
Did you know that you can make your Google Doc look good enough to present? Come learn some steps you can take to enhance the appearance of your Google Docs.

Power & The Art of Influence: Apr 10 @ 6:00 PM in EC 109!
Imagine a dialog between two people, the script of the conversation does not represent what went on – the mechanics of influence gets at the other factors that impacted that conversation: body language, eye contact, the quality of attention, even our own personal energy. You go into a job interview, but don’t believe your worthy of it – most likely you don’t get the job. Another person, less qualified, walks in with a healthy sense of empowerment and they walk out with the job!

Intercultural Competency Workshop: Apr 11 @ 6:30 in the Commons Classroom
Judy Pryor-Ramirez will be hosting this introductory workshop that invites Drew students to explore concepts of identity, power and privilege as it relates to them and the wider world.

Learn How To Manage a Budget Using Google Sheets: Apr 18 @ 4:00 PM in the Library Academic Commons
Come explore ways you can track your money and plan for expenses using Google Sheets and some freely available templates.

Conflict Resolution Workshop: Apr 19 @ 5:30 PM in EC 145. 
Learn and practice the skills you need to manage and mediate difficult encounters with diplomacy, tact and credibility —  in professional settings such as meetings and project groups, as well as in personal relationships with family and friends.

…& more coming soon!