About the Program

The English for Speakers of Other Languages program is designed to provide English language support services to all students whose first language is not English. Its purpose is to coordinate English language testing and to provide instruction and activities that will help students enhance their English Language development.

A variety of options for such development is available to all non-native English-speaking students. Individual consultations, are available to, by appointment, for purposes of reviewing the organization, content, and appropriate documentation of research papers and reports.

Participation in the ESOL Conversation Partners Program enables students to meet a native English speaker, on a regular basis, to enhance informal conversational proficiency.

Minicourses designed to target specific skills such as pronunciation, listening comprehension and interviewing techniques are scheduled at various times throughout the academic year. Further information regarding ESOL options is available at the ESOL office located in Sycamore Cottage.

Individual appointments may be made by calling Ms. Brown at extension 3397 or communicating with her via e-mail.

Conversation Partners Program

The Conversation Partners Program is coordinated by the department of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

Its purpose is to match native English-speaking students with non-native English-speaking campus residents who need to polish their English conversation skills.

The time commitment is only one hour per week, but the rewards are endless — for partners! If you are interested in further information or would like to participate, please call Professor Katherine Brown at 973-408-3397.

Instruction for Spouses

English language instruction is offered to the spouses of graduate and theological students on a regular basis, free of charge, during the academic year.

English classes are arranged at the beginning of each semester and are generally held twice each week for a two-hour period. Spouses wishing additional English language practice may also participate in the Conversation Partners Program.

Spouses interested in participating in the English classes or in the Conversation program are invited to call the ESOL office for additional information.