The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a mechanism, within the framework of existing University policies and regulations, for the review and consideration of complaints regarding the performance of Campus Life and Student Affairs staff. Students may raise complaints over a staff member’s performance and Drew will work to obtain resolution.

Students are encouraged, if they feel comfortable, to discuss the matter directly with the staff member. If a student is not comfortable discussing their concerns directly with the staff member, they can submit the attached form to the Dean of Student’s Office or stop by to raise their concerns.

The form will be evaluated by the Dean of Student’s Office and an appropriate individual will be identified to follow up with the student initially and the staff member if warranted or requested. If a student does not wish a particular representative of the Dean’s Office to be involved, they should identify that individual by name and the reason for the request.

Complaints about a staff member’s performance should be made on a timely basis in order to allow resolution of the problem.

When a student wishes to go forward with the complaint and identify her or himself, a representative of the Dean of Student’s Office will attempt to arrange a meeting between the staff member and the student in order to permit the issue to be resolved at the local level, if at all possible. Such a meeting provides the staff member the opportunity to address the matter directly with the student, and resolve any simple misunderstandings that may have contributed to the problem.

If the complainant does not agree to a joint meeting, representative of the Dean of Student’s office, when appropriate, will advise the staff member of the complaint and its basis and discuss the basis for the complaint with the staff member in an effort to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome.

If the complainant requests that his or her identity remain confidential or the chair or the Dean of the Student’s Office considers it appropriate to maintain the student’s privacy, the identity of the complainant will remain private to the degree that is reasonably practicable. In these matters, the representative of the Dean of Students Office will inform the complainant of the results of his or her meeting with the staff member.

The Dean of Student’s Office will make reasonable efforts to mediate the complaint and may consult with others in connection with its review of the complaint. In the event that the complaint cannot be amicably resolved in the judgment of the Dean of Student’s Office, a determination will be made in the judgment of the representative.

Any disciplinary action involving a staff member is a personnel matter and will be kept confidential. The outcome will not be shared with the complainant, unless otherwise required by law.

Matters involving claims of sexual harassment or misconduct will be handled under the Title IX reporting process.

Complaint Form:

Complaints against Campus Life and Student Affairs Staff Based on Performance