The Division of Campus Life and Student Affairs complements and supports the academic mission of the University by:

  • Offering opportunities for students to develop personal autonomy, positive self perceptions, leadership skills, social responsibility, and a heightened community consciousness of and appreciation for sameness and difference.
  • Providing services that assist each student to reach his or her intellectual and personal potential and educational goals.
  • Fostering and promoting a safe, salutary environment that is inclusive and conducive to learning.
  • Sponsoring and supporting a range of programming that is educational, recreational, and social in nature.

The units within the Division work cooperatively to ensure that each student has the opportunity to derive the fullest benefit from his or her experience at the University.

Daniel’s Dictionary (Student Handbook)

Every student enrolled at Drew is held responsible for knowledge of the material in this book, and the parent document found at, as well as such additional regulations as may appear in The Acorn, the University Catalog, via email to Drew University accounts or posted bulletins. By choosing to attend the University, students agree to abide by Drew’s policies, even though they are free to criticize and propose change.

Division Departments

These departments make up the backbone of each student’s experience. Whether getting involved in their residence hall, staying healthy, looking for spiritual guidance, coming from abroad, or looking to become a profound student leader.

Division Partners

Campus Life and Student Affairs would not be able to work to develop a well-rounded student without the assistant of various departments and offices around the university.