Campus Building Access

Campus Building Access

As we remain in Drew Virtual Time, many of our campus buildings remain closed, and the rest have limited access. View a campus building access chart here. Students can access their assigned residence hall using their ID cards. Modified-Virtual or On-Site faculty and staff can access their assigned buildings by using their ID cards or building key.

If you are working off campus during the fall of 2020 and would like to access your workspace, please fill out the Faculty/Staff Fall 2020 Exception Access form, allowing at least one business day’s notice. You will receive an email confirming that your need has been managed and that either temporary access has been placed on your ID card or that you should stop by the Facilities office in Pepin to check out a key for the outside building doors.

When you are done using any campus space, please make sure all devices have been unplugged, all windows are closed, and everything has been locked and reset for a possible period of no use. Please do not leave behind any trash, as many buildings are offline and therefore scheduled with limited custodial service. Email with any questions about building access and procedures.

Health and Safety Training

As part of the Drew University Campus Restart Plan, all community members are required to participate in health and safety training. Drew’s Health & Safety Training Hub will guide you through the required three-part training:

  • The Moodle course “Health and Safety Training”
  • Daily COVID-19 self-screening health assessments prior to entering campus or leaving residence halls, via the LiveSafe app. LiveSafe will replace the Emergency Notification System (you can expect more information about this in the coming weeks).
  • The Drew Community Pledge, a social contract for all members of the University community, that describes ways in which members will protect themselves and others

All community members are expected to complete the training requirements, accessible via Drew’s Health & Safety Training Hub. Campus Life and Student Affairs, the University Provost’s office, and Human Resources will follow up with students, faculty, and staff who have not done so in a timely manner. Please complete this required training by September 1 or prior to your next return to campus, whichever is sooner.

Face Coverings

We all must contribute to a healthy and safe environment on campus. As such, face coverings must be worn at all times. Modified-Virtual or On-Site faculty and staff members may pick up reusable Drew cloth masks (one mask per staff/faculty member) in the Mail Room in Pepin between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Learn more about campus health and safety guidelines here.